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yes, qualler came out of someone's womb too.

happy birthday qualler!!!! everyone's favorite pop culture blogging accountant has turned the illustrious age of 24. i wanted to take a moment and illustrate a few pop culture-related reasons why qualler is worthy of celebrating this day of birth:

24: we haven't touched on the new season of 24 here at the blogulator, the one show that qualler and i have had a lengthy and storied history with. and since qualler TURNS 24 today, i will discuss it in terms of what i love about watching 24 with qualler. i enjoy how qualler does this thing where he kinda jolts out of his seat when something ridiculously insensitive to other cultures or the female sex has happened on 24. his eyes bug out, slaps his forehead, and laughs painfully at the absurdity of jack bauer's balls-out "everyone's gonna get tortured even you little girl" mentality. and this season is only gonna have more of it. except jack is going to doublethink himself a little bit more, making it all the more satisfying when he eventually does torture everyone.

tax software commercials: it's busy season for accountants, in case you didn't know. and that means qualler often falls asleep when we watch tv, because he's working approximately 892754 hours per week and is always tired. but one thing that always gets mark paying attention to the idiot box is when commercials for tax software make fun of his profession. his eyes will be half-closed one second and then when the idiot tax accountant who asks dumb questions like "how many children do you have?" and typing in the answers like he's a drinking bird, qualler bolts out of his seat, cuts his hand through the air violently and screams "that's not what we do!!!! you sons of bitches!!!!" and i laugh. bravo, qualler. you stick it to those commercials.

the messengers: as demonstrated in our top 10 movies of 2006 post (scroll down), qualler and i love watching horror movies. whether it's being blown away by the many layers of idiocy in house of wax or the self-referential wondrousness of cabin fever or napping through silent hill (insert chris and qualler sleeping together joke), watching horror movies with qualler is not only a guaranteed good time, but it's also guaranteed to happen on a regular basis. case in point: who else would MAKE SURE we got to the messengers opening weekend, a third rate horror movie deliberately released on super bowl weekend in an attempt to "put it out with the trash"? (big ups to qualler's fiancee brigitte for ensuring this happened too). furthermore, if it weren't for qualler, the fact that the SUNFLOWER SEED INDUSTRY was an integral part to the plot of the messengers would not have been so brazenly ingrained in my skull, making the movie infinitely times more enjoyable throughout. it's amazing how much funnier a movie can be with someone next to you saying, "i've got it! i'll grow and sell sunflower seeds!"

so obviously everyone thinks i'm in love with qualler now (and i am) and am going to go all the graduate/wayne's world 2 at his wedding. but whatevs, this guy deserves it. he rocks my world and hopefully he will blog-rock your world again soon.

p.s. other friends, i like you too.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 9:33 PM |  

    uh, jsyk...i made those sunflower seed jokes to mark first, and he just relayed them to you...but yes, we all love him. hurray for qualler.

    the future mrs. qualler

  2. Blogger qualler | 11:07 PM |  

    Wow, I am humbled. This means I need to finish my posts that are in the hopper! Eeek.

  3. Blogger Dave | 9:17 AM |  

    Happy birthday, Qualls-all!

  4. Blogger peter | 4:31 PM |  

    Oh man... Cabin Fever WTFFF!?!?!?!?!?!? that movie was mind-blowing

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