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of course dr. house was right! you idiots!

the golden globes party went GREAT, thanks for asking. here are some highlights that may or may not relate to my other recent excursions in movies and television recently:

house: of course he won! he's always right! how can someone that is ALWAYS right NOT win a measly old golden globe?! what bothers me even more is that i had a tuesday night where i was so tired/lazy that i watched not one but TWO episodes of house instead of going to the adjacent couch to retrieve the remote control. and of course i watched both episodes all the way through and didn't hate it, because DR. HOUSE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!! he's GOT to slip up at some point. right? that's why i keep watching, regardless of how many times his dumb co-stars say, "huh, i guess house was right." OF COURSE HE WAS!

dreamgirls: yes, i saw dreamgirls the weekend before the golden globes partly because i wanted to see what the fuss was about before it took home best picture. (also because jerksica loves that musical/strong woman stuff). and WOW were my socks knocked off! those songs were totally balling out of the factory (expression credit: davey). i don't really care about jennifer hudson, but the bruckheimer-esque direction matched with the shumacher-esque coloring and production design actually enhanced the movie rather than detract from it and make it totally a.d.d./flaming. actually, it did make it add and flaming, but i almost feel like that's how musical movies should be if they want to have any effect on the viewer whatsoever. it matches up so much better than a movie about sean connery and nic cage fighting ed harris with nerve gas or a batman rehash with nipple suits. musicals are totally a weird concept (schumacher) and they are inherently impatient by using both music AND story to try to get your attention (bruckheimer).

yes i'm being serious on both accounts! there are new songs (#s 30-26) posted up at the listulator!

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