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yet more declination of my ability to hate things i like.

seriously, i try and i try and i try, but eventually i still end up only listening to music i like. why do i do that? who likes listening to music they LIKE? i so have my priorities not in order. this makes me gradually angrier the more i think about it.


jeremy enigk, live at the varsity: the older i get, the more i like immaculate music. because this show was like middle aged white dudes gone WILD. and by wild i mean completely subdued and prissily orchestrated. what's next? i realize the genius of the joshua tree? and seriously, can he embarrass himself more by looking like someone besides ed kowalcyk? less sarcastic chris: the string swells made my hairs stand on end, bill dolan of heroic doses showed miraculous effortlessness on lead guitar, and the new renditions of old songs were pumped up and ready to be re-loved on completely new and inspired levels. bravo, sexiest voice to come out of seattle EVER.

----confused about my anger level-----

parenthetical girls - "love connection": wow am i inconsistent. like i really need more grrrl music. and sporadic interweaving guitar loops? like that's new. sure i like the initial aesthetic, but that's really all it's good for. i'm gonna be over it in a week. less sarcastic chris: i love when i hear female vocals that i like that aren't haunting and ethereal. truly authentic regardless of how long i'll like it for. it takes what i normally like and puts it on a hipster level that is actually artistically valid and not motivated by hype and trend. (at least not entirely).

------angry, but ultimately just in a wile e. coyote kind of way----

when dinosaurs ruled the earth: screaming, cartoonish keyboards, and even more cartoonish spazz-metal guitar riffs. i don't think that appeals to any of my friends, but i totally love that my ears continually fail me as a friend to others. feeling pain while you're enjoying something should be left to bad tv and movies, jerks. and you think you're SO clever because you put trail of dead as one of your top myspace friends ironically. oh and that's the only place you exist according to the internet? interesting, i've never heard of a lazy punk band before. less sarcastic chris: bang bang yelp yelp fun i still hate the blood brothers but i like that i'm able to let go of all inhibitions and be goofily angry for a minute-and-a-half for once in my pathetically mild life. i don't deserve this music.

final conclusion: i'm going to continue to listen to music i like and pretend to not like it as i write about it. DAMN YOU MUSIC! YOU ARE ALWAYS THE VICTOR!!!!

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