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i wii-lly liked the movies i watched last night!

well not REALLY liked them, but they're at least better than most movies. and no, i'm not going to talk about video games in this post, as i do not play them - i just came up with the pun on my drive home today and thought "i GOTTA use that!"

so when jerksica is out of town once a month for "work conferences" (translation: having an affair), after i cry about being a cuckold, i realize "hey! this is my time to watch all those movies i know she'll NEVER watch with me!" (just as i assume she watches little women three times in a row when i'm out of town).

united 93: i started by renting the #2 best-reviewed movie of 2006 (thus far), or as i have referred to it up until now, "titanic: the next generation." i was really expecting a by-the-numbers account of what everybody assumes happened on "that other plane" on 9/11. no surprises, probably pretty boring and depressing. yet, and this may be my recent optimism streak talking (i wish it would go away), it actually was damn suspenseful and downright heart-wrenching from a very double-sided perspective (both that of the hijackers and the crew/passengers). in fact, the passengers seemed to act more animalistic when attacking their hijackers (with one screaming like a crazed man "it's a fake bomb!!! it's a fake!!!!"), while the hijackers were constantly sweating at the brow while simultaneously following through with their plan. it also did a fantastic job at demonstrating the realism of a mundane middle-class life of an american placed in this kind of a situation. employees at air traffic control: "hijacking? it's been like 20 years since one of those." (followed by a low mumble rumble from others). not overly melodramatic and not monotone enough to be considered satiric, but just realistic enough to show that we all act like idiots when something devastating is happening because we know inherently that we'll always be far enough removed from the situation so we'll never have to actually care about it. we're more interested in the statistic that the situation is providing rather than the emotion.

the fountain: yeah you read that correctly. i liked the fountain. however, i don't like it as a movie. i like it as a pretentious piece of "moving picture art." basically, it's a music video. is it laughably pretentious? of course. any movie where hugh jackass eats a tree in a floating space orb has no chance of being called "subtle." but that's exactly my point: where else are you going to see hugh jackass eating a tree in a floating space orb? better than most movies. now to close out this post, here are some things that the fountain reminded me of (that both made me love it and hate it):

the cell/the mars volta's first album color: you know what's a cool color?!?! GOLD!!!!!! let's use a LOT of gold and have really weird imagery, but everything will be gold, like it's a dream, but a REALLY messed up dream! (except in the fountain it (mostly) makes sense).

the neverending story: i hated the concept of a "frame story" in 9th grade english, and i hate it now. while the neverending story helped wimps like me think it was awesome to hole up in an attic and READ, the fountain's attempt at tangible-izing all of its wackiness in a book that rachel weisz's character is writing is SOOO DUMB. like we can't handle freaky mayan lords and nonsensical space orbs unless they're fictionalized WITHIN a piece of fiction. insulting.

contact: (SPOILER ALERT!!!) okay so i like the fountain because it reminds me of jodie. but also, HELLO! space orbs aren't anything new! sorry mr. aron-off-key! i'm sure if aliens gave us static blueprints in a couple hundred years, they'd be more like bubbles than a metal ball, but STILL. COME ON. oh and outer space = you'll finally see your dead dad again / outer space = you'll finally see your dead wife again. HELLO!!! damn she looks like she wants me!!!

oh and the fountain does NOT count as an old clothes movie. there's only old clothes 1/3 of the time, and i think the ultra-future cancels it out. so there.

  1. Blogger Reel Fanatic | 5:08 AM |  

    I too "enjoyed," as much as you can put it that way, Greengrass' "United 93," but I have to admit that, knowing too well how it would all end, I had to turn away from the screen at several points in the final act, and couldn't watch the very end .. it was just too much for me

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