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w.g. snuffy walden and the hunt for good tv music.

did you know people are actually hired to write music for tv shows? it all sounds so crappily the same or lifted from a sound loops cd that comes with whatever program your mom buys you when you're 13 and recording your first acoustic modest mouse cover. either that or it's lite-indie on the o.c. mixtape.

but anyway, there's this guy with this real funny name: w.g. snuffy walden. and he's written music for friday night lights, studio 60, kidnapped, the west wing, sports night, roswell, my hand hurts from copying so many tv show titles from imdb. i don't think anything he's written has been too fantastic, but he has a real funny name. and because his name is funny, his name stands out like burning flames every time i watch a mediocre show's opening credits on nbc.

but here's my point - i like film scores. why can't i like tv scores? because i really do like some tv shows just as much as i like movies. it seems like i'm being ironic when i say outlandish things like "heroes saved my life" or "rescue me's season finale made me cry," but both of those statements are undeniably true. so why can't i like music from tv shows as much as i love film scores by mark mothersbaugh, jon brion, or michael andrews?

maybe someday as tv shows become more and more like movies? maybe things like recognizing the mediocrity of the music behind the fantasticness of a name like w.g. snuffy walden on a very NOT widely read pop culture blog (that's really just for friends and by no means for the public's consumption) will get the wheels rolling on this. cuz i'm sure as hell just going to keep complaining about it until something changes. got that, major television broadcasting corporations?

  1. Blogger P. Arty | 9:50 AM |  

    While I am loving Heroes, how did it save your life? Wait a second. Can you fly!??!

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