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frank bannister vs. jesus and the chick who loves raymond

i'm not actually going to discuss the stem cell research ads that have the titular celebrities going head-to-head about whether or not cures for diseases are a good thing. so don't worry, this is not christopher and mark rostad's political blogutorium, this is chris and qualler's pop culture blogulator. way different.

i just wanted to take another moment, while michael j. fox is back in the limelight for this brief moment, to remind you of the existence of the movie the frighteners. may peter jackson's soul continue corroding in the midst of his halo post-movies whatever project, because he will never acknowledge that from whence he came. his directing ROOTS if you will. fox plays frank bannister, a ghost guy who something something serial killer played by jake busey haunted hospital wacky troupe of ghosts including a cowboy who dryhumps a mummy. it's touching, hilarious, got some chick that looks like andie mcdowell but totally isn't, and it's MONDO suspenseful. and there's a moderately enjoyable alt-rock cover of "don't fear the reaper" in the credits.

also, while jim caviezel is in the limelight for the first time ever, i'd like to remind you of a little movie called frequency. i never saw it but something something time travel pg-13 dennis quaid boring rubbish. wow i remember totally not wanting to see that movie.

kinda like totally the opposite of the frighteners.

  1. Blogger P. Arty | 11:14 AM |  

    Is the implication that Jim Caviezel is in the spotlight now because of that Jesus movie? Or is there new Caviezel news of which I am unaware? Either way, POLLEY'S GONE NUTSO.

  2. Blogger Unspar! | 4:04 PM |  

    Thanks for the reminder, yo. The Frighteners RULZ.


  3. Blogger chris | 6:49 PM |  

    jim caviezel is making anti-stem cell research ads...but of course the liberal jew run media won't talk about how everyone is being mean to caviezel!

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