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It's Hipster Minneapolis!

Man alive, Minneapolis is a HIPSTER town! In the summer! With hipsters everywhere! You got your FILM, you got your MUSIC, you got your FAST-FOOD RESTAURANTS, you got your NATIONAL TELEVISION NEWS BROADCASTERS SHOWING UP AT PUBLIC PLACES. If you want to be a hipster, you should have been at all of these things in Minneapolis.

DRESSY BESSY at the Seventh Street Entry
Oh man did you see those kids DANCE?! They danced and danced and danced. I was a little bit embarrassed, the dancin' was so suh-wheeat. And then, they kept getting me to dance. I didn't have none of that. As a hipster in Minneapolis, clearly, the way to enjoy a show is to bob one's head in a hip manner and tap one's toe to the music. But when Dressy Bessy "electrify(ed)" the audience with "Electrify", I was tossed into the mass of dancing dancers and immediately lost my hipster cred. But then I got it back when Tammy Ealom said, "Your dancing is awesome." Insta-cred. Rocktown.

This ain't your grandma's McDonalds! Check that -- the McDonalds on Hennepin Ave totally's got the retro-cum-futuristic feel to it. So when you go to get an ice cream cone from it -- don't just eat it. Look at it, smell it, ask it a question. Get angry at it for not responding to your question. Then put it on a round table, and perform a post-modern avant-garde play involving one person walking in a perfect right angle, two other people in the middle of the restaurant playing airplane, and one person hiding in the hypothetical closet, waiting to come out of the hypothetical closet. That's what you do at Hipster McDonalds.

Now, some of us are hip enough to get into pre-screenings of The Indie Movie Of The Summer at the Hipster Movie Theater in Uptown (the Lagoon). And, frankly, this hip movie is pretty damn good. And, when you get into hip movies before all the other hipsters get in, it's fun to make up lies about it. So, when Greg Kinnear performs a rhinoplasty on Steve Carrell, the little girl jumps into a puddle that, as it turns out, is ANOTHER DIMENSION and finds Lion Alan Arkin who is dancing with Billy Corgan from the "Tonight, Tonight" video which, coincidentally, was also directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. Two blogulator thumbs up, or should I say, one thumb and four tentacles.

One thing hipsters definitely care about, though, are current events. And Katie Couric, the new CBS Evening News anchor, was kind enough to drop by the library. Yes, kind enough to drop by at an invitation-only town hall meeting. Yes, kind enough to drop by at an invitation-only town hall meeting with no media allowed inside. Yes, kind enough to drop by at an invitation-only town hall meeting with no media allowed inside and local bloggers getting their note-taking materials confiscated. CBS cares about us hipsters.

Kick it, post-modern Katie!

  1. Blogger Paal | 11:48 PM |  

    HAH! she said nothing of you and your (lack of) dancing


    Furthermore, she and I rocked that hizzy to the ground.

  2. Blogger chris | 5:36 PM |  

    making fun of the blogulator's musings is definitely NOT hip, JSYK!!!

    he was clearly using creative freedom to express all hipster ridiculousness through one perspective. it's called "JOURNALISM" paal.

  3. Blogger Paal | 1:54 AM |  

    haha, i was going to say something clever... but i've got nothing *sigh*

    oh well, i'm just going to phone this one in

    *insert witty repartee including obscure acronym here*

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