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yeah we still like music. so what?

yeah that's craig ferguson. so what? yeah i think i saw this movie once on comedy central. so what?

i know i have been teasing for almost half a year now that i would finish my top 50 songs postings. and i have finally. it's taken a lot out of me so i hope people still want to read about the songs i fell in love with last year. read about my top 30-31 HERE:

the last post: chris's top THIRTY songs of 2005.

and i will indeed keep posting about music i actually like, not just brainless sludge like tbs and howie mandell. just keep your mouse-clickers peeled. because SUDDENLY you might be transported into the world of INDIE SNOBBERY MUSIC BLOGGERY!!!! here at the blogulator. though that's not too fun. so it won't happen too often. ENJOY!

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