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blogulator: top of the pops!

this was all qualler's doing, but since he's "cooking the books," i will take care of this announcement. after weeks of prank calling and persuasive essays, mnspeak, THE minnesota blog aggregator has finally added us as a "minnesota-authored blog" under the subtopic of "culture." click on the link! scroll through the ridiculous amount of crap and then find US! and then click on THAT link! and then you're BACK HERE! i call this exercise a CYBER-SPRINT! try it out! (catches breath).

in celebration of this momentous occassion, and because i have been really into THEMED posts as of late, i bring to you a set of musings on the recent goings ons in MY pop culture: MINNESOTA-CELEBRITY-STYLE.


i don't even know if aaron brown (hopkins shout-out!) is on anymore or if he finally offed himself, but i always mildly enjoyed aaron brown in the evenings because he looked like he hated his job so much and said so much more with a simple "here's (sigh, takes off glasses) tomorrow's headlines...(looks at watch)...TODAY. let's take a look." kind of like a pleasant comedy actually all about something completely different from what it is masquerading itself as: a SOCIAL SATIRE? fuck, if that's what it was, it was pretty awful. but if they meant to get all universally human on us, then it worked. and it made me chuckle enough to not want my money back for a film i got free tickets for. oh and HELLO, ADAM BRODY ALERT!!!! (sirens ablaze). he's not emo, but he sure does LOVE TO TALK!!! check it out!!


first of all, R.D.A. is a hunk. you know who else is so sexy it hurts? YOU GUESSED IT! my darling JODIE!!!! check out inside man's imdb board yourself: people are all like, "uhhh i feel weird about this, but i finally realized jodie foster is incredibly good-looking." what a bunch of johnny-come-latelies. of course she's suh-moooooohhhhhkin. YOUCH bay-bay! but seriously, it's also like the DEANer (a roseville homeboy!) because there's lot of cleverness and what have you in it. you know, cuz it's about a bank robbery...and richie-boy was macgyver? and yes, it's seriously not that bad like everyone else has already said. it's quite enjoyable for a bank robbery movie. and not that boring. AND DON'T FORGET THE GORGEOUS LEADING LADY!


both are responsible for creating mechanical dreamlands. jagged and dirrrrrty instrumental rock featuring a gazillion keyboards, a xylophone, a theremin, and THE BEST LIVE DRUMMER I'VE SEEN IN A LONG LONG TIME. it doesn't get more epic than this. except the oct'ect (as i call 'em) chooses the TRAUMATIC instead of the DRAMATIC. like gilliam (a wee lad from MEDICINE LAKE, MN?!) the oc-proj (as i call 'em) painted abstract caricatures of the ordinary that are dense enough for the intellectual, and just downright dancy and rocking enough when you're just in the mood for aesthetics.

ART BRUT (@ the entry) was like THE COEN BROTHERS:

"pop culture no longer applies to me." that's what i see on the british snooterinos' black baby-girl t-shirts for sale. i couldn't help but be slightly offended, what with the nature of this here blog and what have you, but then...IT HIT ME! they're jokesters! or are they...? YEAH they are!!! wait no...maybe they seriously don't feel connected to pop culture anymore. WAIT THAT'S SILLY EVERYONE LOVES MINDLESSNESS!!! just like when you're watching a coen brothers (mpls born!) movie! is it joking? yes, but then there's people who are like, "no they really talk like that in fargo, minnesota! they're not exaggerating!" and such is the downward spiral of not knowing when something is a joke or not. and eventually not caring. are you still caring?


we will all KIND OF remember nbc's new sitcornball "teachers" like we all KIND OF remember annoying-as-crapball wacky comedic actor steve zahn (from marshall, mn), from such landmark films as SAHARA and DADDY DAY CARE. at first, he was mildly entertaining for reasons we couldn't quite put our fingers on, but soon he grew tiresome and if you had enough time to care, you would probably wish death upon him. thus is my relationship with the new show centering on a young high school english teacher. at first i'm like, "haha i'm a teacher so i should watch this," but once i realize i don't drink beer in my classroom nor have semi-one-night-stands with really hot mexican-esque substitute teachers, i will probably only KIND OF remember to tune in again next week.

man i wish i saw more crappy tv shows recently because...

MORE MINNESOTA CELEBS!!!!: louie anderson, jessica biel, rachel leigh cook, josh hartnett, craig kilborn, winona ryder, kevin sorbo, seann william scott, lea thompson, jessica lange

  1. Blogger peter | 12:32 PM |  

    Teachers was painful to watch

  2. Blogger Andrew | 1:46 PM |  

    Louie Anderson is from Wisconsin, I thought?

  3. Blogger Mark | 3:19 PM |  

    F no, Chaney, Louie Anderson is a straight-up Minnesotan, just ask Unspar and Unspar's dad who wrote comedy for him that Louie Anderson hated.

  4. Blogger The Hero | 10:00 PM |  

    We don't want Louie Anderson associated with Wisconsin anyway.

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 4:22 PM |  

    Dude. Jodie Foster was a fox in Taxi Driver.

    Oh, man....

  6. Anonymous Goodyspeedy | 6:03 AM |  

    tell me more about the Art Brut show! except not here because I'll probably never check this link again. ever.

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