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the nerdos have taken over.

have you heard of "GEEK CHIC"?!?!?!?!?! it's this CRAZY new phenomenon where it's COOL to be a NERDO!!!!!!! i know what you're thinking: "YEAH, RIGHT! you wish you DWEEBFACE!" but i'm not goofin' you! all these FOUR-EYED pale-skins are CONTROLLING our media! and it's DESTROYING the NATION!!!!!!! still don't believe m? just check out what I'VE been up to this week:

THE HILLS HAVE EYES: more like the hills have FOUR eyes!!! hahahahahahaha, so the greasy-hairs love the horror movie. BIG surprise. "fantastical creatures" and "horrific violence" that they could never endure in REAL LIFE so they make movies about it, you know, basic wussy stuff. and in this one, the ultimate DORKWAD of all time is our HERO??? a CELL PHONE SALESMAN???? wow. yeah he totally gave NATIONWIDE COVERAGE to the murderous inbred nuclear testing victims, if you catch my drift. and every time his dumb glasses break, he dramatically picks them back up and puts 'em back on his stupid pimply face. where's the REAL hero, i'm thinking, am i right? but he NEVER shows up. this CALCULATOR-BRAIN just keeps on kicking ass like he has a pair. well i guess it makes sense since nerdos also love the FANTASY genre. hahaha i am so wicked.

BEAUTY AND THE GEEK: the SECOND season of this just ended last night?!?!?! where have i been?!?! well luckily i just caught the finale so i won't accidentally run into this COMPUTER-HEAD's wet dream of a show. what happened to THE MAN SHOW??!? now THAT was television. anyway, so this guy JOSH and this chick CHER won last night. and josh totally wasn't even into her! when they asked him what he thought when he first saw her, he said, "NAUSEOUS." wow. someone's a little TOO used to animated women. sorry dude, she's no lara croft, but she does have a VAGINA. but i understand. apparently this chick had an affair with one of the other geeks on the show that had already been kicked off and so he could never really get to know her. BUT THEY STILL WON. that's how smart these little bookworms are! they know EVERYTHING. how freaky is that? GOOD THING THEY'RE TAKING OVER THE WORLD. (hides).

THE BOOKS (@ the whole): look at 'em! "ow the sun!!!!!" hahaha FUH-REAKAZOIDS! one skinny ass plays the loop machine and acoustic guitar and the other plays the freakin' cello. yeah i played the cello, BEFORE I PLAYED THE ELECTRIC GUITAR. geeze, get hip, un-hippies. oh and let's not forget some quotables of the evening: "this song's about love. (awkward pause). well, actually, it's about metaphysics." HAHAHAHAHA was that a joke? probably not. how about this gem: "so, i recently got married and had a bachelor party. my friends (lists two people, HA loser), for the party, went to the old national archives and brought back some newsreels from the 1930s for us to watch. needless to say, it was one of the best nights of my life." WOW that's a PARTY to you NAPOLEON DYNAMITES?!?!? good thing they didn't get you a STRIPPER from the 1930s!!!! HAHAHAHA CUZ SHE WOULD BE SOOO OLD.

all in all, DON'T LET THE BRAINIACS TAKE OVER!!!! go watch some predator or listen to some korn or something!!!! support REAL pop culture, not this smartsy stuff!!!!!

why can't these dweebs do something un-dweeblike, like start a blog or something?

  1. Anonymous molly | 4:57 PM |  


    isn't that the vicious cycle...everything will become 'cool' at one point or another? It makes me feel all hollow and empty inside, like the general "they" can take anything i cherish and reduce it to a mere marker of "coolness." Blah blah blah....ooo a shiny new toy [runs off].

    Also, I saw the alternate world 16-year old version of you at the grocery the other day. Pre-demon possessed curly/red/blond/wavy hair days. Dead Ringer...quite hilarious/terrifying.

  2. Blogger DoktorPeace | 2:55 AM |  

    Molly - With all those brackets and backslashes, I think you may have the talent to become the next great avant-blogger.

    And now an apology to Chris for that gentle ribbing:

    <>Inmunchers I sleeeeeeeeeeeP*
    Wrong way right:;:Write whey eaten.

  3. Blogger chris | 10:48 PM |  

    HARRY YOU SHOULD START avant-blog2.blogspot.com - it would be AWESOME.

  4. Anonymous molly | 3:53 PM |  

    thanks for implying that harry has superior "avant"-potential over me. you're too post-modern for your own good [what?].


    p.s. harry: you + me + anita + this thursday = will be best day of my life in recent memory

  5. Blogger nicole | 5:43 PM |  

    I bet you've seen this already:

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