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The Top 10 Concerts of 2005

Yeah, we know, it's been a while, GET OFF OUR BACKS. Certain people in the Blogulution community (and I don't want to name names, so let's just call him Rave Dyan) seem to think its okay to claim that the Blogulution is dead. Yeah, well, Mr. Dyan, I'm DYAN to see what your reaction is to this awakening of the Blogulator! I bet you have to hit up a RAVE to get it all out of your system.

Speaking of raves, the LCD Soundsystem show at First Ave didn't make The Blogulator's Top 10 Concerts of the year, but these shows (all located in Minneapolis unless *, in which case happened in Chicago) did. Bring it on, 2005.


TEN: Mono with Eluvium, 400 Bar
A guy with a guitar is boring. A guy with a keyboard and hauntingly gorgeous tim burton-esque animation project behind him is genius. Eluvium is the most hypnotic solo act I've ever seen. Mono's band formation is the best ever too: female bassist exalted in the center spotlight, while the male drummer and 2 guitarists loom with their faces toward the ground and sitting in the dark around her and their devastatingly epic music emanates from them.

NINE: Out Hud, Triple Rock / Intonation*
Who knew a couple chick singers with pretty voices and some cow bell could rock so hard? There's nothing like the sight of 15-20 track-jacketed emo hipsters slowly but surely gettin' their inner-most jiggies wit' it at an indie rock show. Rock.

EIGHT: Tristeza, Triple Rock
Spookiest show ever. They must have not started playing until 2 am and there were only about ten of us that lasted the duration of the wait. But once the dark red lighting came on and the first minor arpeggio was plucked, my stoic existence at the Triple Rock became a murder mystery movie.

SEVEN: Why? with Fog, Cedar Cultural Center
I never knew a rock concert where we were forced to sit down could be so amazing. Yoni was in a good mood and the whole place was relaxed. Apparently the night before, some guy was next to the stage screaming along to every song. Needless to say, that wasn't the case this night.

STNNNG with Haunted House, Hexagon Bar
I'd never heard either of these bands before I went to this dive of a bar. Haunted House came on with one guy who looked like a drugged out long-haired John Cusack circa "Say Anything" and proceeded to blast a loud, shrill boombox full of obnoxious drumbeats and sampled crap and screamed over it while the "drummer" tackled him and they beat the crap out of each other. Disappointingly, STNNNG did not get into any intra-band fights.

FIVE: Black Mountain, 7th Street Entry
Why get stoned when you can just go see Black Mountain play? On tour with Coldplay at the time, they decided to take a night off and let Chris Martin and Co. play the arena while they played to a bar of 30 overly-appreciative fans. I swear I made my own eyes dilate.

FOUR: Saxon Shore, Triple Rock
Holy crap, four guys with what, guitars? Doesn't matter -- WALL OF SOUND. These guys somehow managed to navigate their entire show, complete with wicked guitar effects and electronic flourishes with four guys and some pedals. Post rock at its finest.

THREE: Caribou with Junior Boys, 400 Bar
Apparently you can have vocals and still be instrumental rock. Projections of spazzed-out animation to go along with the TWO drummers, eight-thousand effects pedals, and one angry-as-all-get-out Dan Snaith. His vocals played over the PA so he could put all his attention on the deatil that is the complex instrumentation in a Caribou live performance.

Sigur Ros with Amina, State Theater
I fucking cried. Watching the reproduction of these sounds live crosses the threshold of beauty that is capable of absorption by man. It's just too much fucking beauty. During their last song, their elongated shadows were all that was shown to us on a giant screen because they knew that if we saw their faces, our ears would melt.

ONE: American Analog Set with Chin Up Chin Up, Varsity Theater
Mr. Sloth reviewed this show before -- now it's Qualler's turn! From the setting (flippin' BEDS to sit on!) to the atmosphere (surrounded by BEDS!) to, obviously the music (enjoying the music in BEDS!), this show was one of the most hypnotic and entrancing I've been to. Also, making it cooler, is that AmAnSet was on their last ever tour, making it extra special, besides the beds. Also, Chin up Chin Up rocked the house in about the most rockin' way a guitar-nerd-cum-can't-sing-worth-crap possibly could. Oh, and did I mention Chris and I watched the show on a BED?! Bed.

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  1. Blogger chris | 8:06 PM |  

    i'd just like to take this moment to thank adsense for using our love of concert-going to offer you blogulator readers some hot deals on korn and fall out boy concert tickets. you best be clicking.

  2. Blogger P. Arty | 10:55 AM |  

    I'm still shocked that someone beat Sigur Ros. You hacks.

  3. Blogger chris | 5:07 PM |  

    taking a note from the imdb message board thread "eli roth is a hack":

    uh, technically, to be a "hack" means we only do it for the money and don't care about the art of blogging at all, whereas factually, i believe our love for blogging and concert-going is quite apparent. also, i love adsense to death, but the thousands of dollars we make off of people clicking on the link for fall out boy tickets isn't the reason i blog. (or is it?)

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 12:10 AM |  

    I can't believe I missed the American Analog Set concert by, like, nine days because I would have turned 21 in nine days, and the show was 21+...damn it all!

    And I'd like to point out that I have only heard of #1 and #2.


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