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A Journey Through Afternoon Television

So instead of doing homework, I decided to update the Blogulator. Because, that's what I do best.

As I watched some afternoon television, I came across many fascinating and intriguing debates...

Kathy Griffin: Life on the D List

Considering that Kathy Griffin is essentially the celebrity real-life person version of the Blogulator (i.e. a sassy commenter on pop culture), this show seemed right up the Blogulator's alley. Little did I know that it would bring up such a troubling and truly thought-provoking question: Who would you rather be stuck on a deserted island with -- Kathy Griffin or Quentin Tarantino? Honestly, I'm not sure myself. I think the non-stop chattering in high pitched, annoying voices would drive me insane either way.

Lindsay Lohan v. Hilary Duff

Lindsay made a very special appearance on TRL today talking about her movies, her music, and just chattin' about her heart. Naturally, they were able to read excerpts of lyrics from her upcoming new album, A Little More Personal (: "It's lonely sometimes in the fast lane/People come and go like rain/And I look around for a hand to hold/There no one here today, everyone has gone away/And left me afraid." Damn! In between stunning personal confessionals like the aforementioned one, TRL provided us with a glimpse of Hilary Duff's new vision of the musical future in the hit single, "Beat of My Heart": a bland mix of dance-house and rock-pop that captures the essence of neither. (Note: you must be using Internet Explorer -- find the link of the video in the "Search Music Videos by Artist" section.)

Arthur v. The Go! Team

It's true. I swear Arthur and gang were singing a song about the library card that was actually done by The Go! Team. I hope to see future collaborations between these two in the future.

One final note

Two minutes into some new show on PBS, I've spotted out the wacky cartoon voices of both Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried. Who next, Kathy Griffin? (YES! I brought it back to the beginning once again. This post is complete.)

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  1. Blogger P. Arty | 5:33 PM |  

    Hahaha...Interpol. Genius.

    I also know the PBS show you're talking about: Cyberchase! HDR and I used to watch it occasionally. I liked the use of math, and he liked to make fun of it.

  2. Blogger Dave | 1:58 PM |  

    Math? Psssssh...

    Just grab a whole bunch of railroad track segments and hit 'em till they fit.

  3. Blogger DoktorPeace | 1:23 AM |  

    Wow this is like the first music video player that's worked for me in years. If only I still liked music videos...

    OMG the "Come Clean: Laguna Beach " video!!!

    Thanks Qualler. Here's a thousand more Brammies.

  4. Blogger estragon | 7:25 PM |  

    Also, a very funny (BUT VERY OBSCENE, NOT WORK SAFE) MTV parody by them here:


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