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i've got a glitch that only jackson can scratch.



if you like geeky terminology and random namedropping, read here: i don't know if i like glitch music. i like four tet on record but not live. i like mouse on mars live a lot more than i like them on record. i like electronica music more when it's calming rather than hyperactive. so why am i so obsessed with jackson and his computer band's record SMASH? like four tet and mouse on mars' newer stuff, it probably annoys true glitch fans to no end because it tried to be both smooth and erratic. it doesn't attempt to challenge the ears as much as say autechre or squarepusher. but in the majority of reviews for this record, critics are still saying there's too much going on, or it's overstimulating as if they've never listened to an autechre or squarepusher record. it's because for your casual electronic listener, this record can either be a dream or nightmare, depending on what your ears deem "too much." for me, it's the perfect amount. i wouldn't want this album any longer or any shorter and sometimes i just want to listen to one song. thus is the magic of the best glitch music. i don't fucking care if it's not actually glitch; it's a masterful balance of cuts, loops, and beats that is unique without being "too unique." in other words, i'm a wuss and i still like it.

if you would just like to know why you should listen to this record, read here: soft and exciting, subtle but omnipresent, jackson and his computer band is as chill or as crazy as you want it to be. if you listen casually, you could be lulled into a hypnotic state where nothing can touch you, nothing can penetrate you. if you listen after having a massive fight with someone, it could rouse you just as much as that "firestarter" record did when you were 12. except this time, the music's actually good. it's inspiring and mind-bending. noises popping at every angle in your head, but once you notice the pattern, it's danceable. it will catch you off-guard, but it will suck you in just as much. don't let it scare you away, let it engulf you. try closing your eyes and listening to "utopia". the only utopia that exists is artifically manufactured, so you might as well try jackson's.

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