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30 posts, two amazing DVDs, one pissed off consumer.

Welcome to this, the 30th official Pop Culture Blogulator post. I am your omnipresent host, Qualler, and with me is one particular topic near and dear to my heart: Disney Weekday Afternoon cartoons.

To alert you to the re-emergence of Your Childhood Re-packaged In Neat Reasonably Priced Packages, may I introduce two DVD sets that will be released tomorrow, November 8, 2005:

That's right. CHIP AND DALE AND THOSE ADORABLE DUCKLINGS, HUEY, DUEY AND LOUIE ARE BACK FOR YOUR PURCHASE FOR THE LOW PRICE OF $24.99 NOW ON DVD. I told Chris about this, and I think we simultaneously peed our pants, both because we were excited and because it channeled the inner pants-peeing six-year-olds in both of us.

Now, let's think about this. The original release dates of these wonderful cartoon series were in 1989. Now, where are the 6 and 7 year olds who watched these shows in 1989 in 2005? Could they be...young consumers who are just entering the workforce and have financial independence for the first time, yet want to relive their childhood by purchasing some amazing DVD packages? DING DONG, YOU'RE DEAD.

I'm a pissed off consumer because I KNOW I'll be sucked into buying this shit. Damn you, Disney, damn you for stealing my soul and replacing it with adorable and adventuresome ducks and chipmunks.

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  1. Anonymous Andrew Chaney | 3:16 PM |  

    Jesus fucking christ, I can't belive those two are out!

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