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WHAT A SCOOP! Get P.Arty Hayden on the line immediately!

Apparently the White Stripes are "covering" the almighty Tegan and Sara in an upcoming holiday EP. Pitchfork is reporting today that the Stripes will be covering "Walking with a Ghost" on the upcoming EP. Just look at them! Aren't they quirky? I mean, they have their own success as a band and what not, but now they're covering another band! That's just plain nuts. Totally unexplainable and incredible. Those faces just scream to me, "Hey! I'm Meg White! I'm Jack's biggest foil!" And Jack says, "Yeah, I'm quirky, too, but I do it for the art. Also, one false move and I'll beat the crap out of you like I did to that Garage Blondies fellow."

A reliable source tells me that Tegan and Sara had a conversation about the recent developments:

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  1. Blogger P. Arty | 1:43 AM |  

    I heard this song WEEKS ago. It's TERRIBLE.

    (The White Stripes version, of course. Tegan and Sara's version is awesome.)

    (God, I love Tegan and Sara.)

  2. Blogger The Hero | 11:00 PM |  

    Yes, the Whites Stripes version of "Walking With a Ghost" is TERRIBLE. I heard it on Rock 102.1 in Milwaukee on "Hump it or Dump it." The callers dumped the Tegan and Sara version, but they liked the Whites Stripes version better, and therefore "humped it." I laughed.

  3. Blogger P. Arty | 10:15 AM |  

    Fucking idiots.

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