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may I reintroduce:

The New and Improved Milwaukee Bucks, featuring Until The Tape Runs Out, created by me on NBA Live 2004:

That's right -- Arun, Chris, and Pat are all now officially part of the blogolution, and Chaney SHOULD be. I think when I created this team, Dave Ryan was the power forward, but for some reason he's not pictured. Also, naturally, Pat is Number 69. From what I recall, Chaney was lightning fast, Chris could hit a 3 pointer like nobody else, Pat was a monster in the lanes, and Arun was pretty much useless, but he had a sweet afro and huge knee pads.

Perhaps I will create an All Blogolution Team next.

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  1. Anonymous Drax | 1:23 AM |  


  2. Blogger Wipert | 2:34 PM |  

    What a MOTLEY CREW!

  3. Blogger estragon | 9:01 AM |  

    I just want to alert the blogulators to the existence of a movie entitled, "American Pie 4: Band Camp."

    No joke.

    And, in even better news, either the person with the worst taste and lowest standards ever OR the most brilliant satirst of our time has written the following review of it on the imdb:

    "This is a enjoyable movie that stands well on its own even without the actors/characters from the first three films (with the exception of Eugene Levy and a couple of cameos). Truth be told, you really won't miss them once you get involved in the story.

    Very much a worthy extension of the PIE series with plenty of gross-out humor and sexual hijinks, but with a sweetly earnest romance center as Stifler's little brother finds love and learns to let go of his obnoxious ways when he's forced to attend summer band camp."

    Satire or stupidity? You be the judge.

    Most definitely worth a look for fans of these movies. I mean, come on, the director did CAN'T BUY ME LOVE!

  4. Blogger estragon | 9:03 AM |  

    Oh god... The last paragraph is definitely by the IMDB review author. Not me. I misplace the quote marks. I AM NOT RECOMMENDING THIS MOVIE, NOR HAVE I EVER. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, IT WAS A TYPO. SWEET JESUS. I think I might be kicked out of the hip sad people club if anyone ever thought I actually wrote the last two sentences in my previous comment.

  5. Blogger Mark | 9:46 AM |  

    Haha, don't worry Chris, the last paragraph was oblique enough to seem as if it were sarcastic coming from you -- you're still in the hip sad people club.

    What I've been looking forward to is yet another chapter to the amazin' 'Merican Pie saga. What wacky things will be going on in band camp this year? Maybe some edgy references to phallically-shaped instruments being used as sexual toys? But, you know, with a sweet core!

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