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curly sue! ba-BAM!

Anybody remember the movie Curly Sue, John Hughes' magnum opus about a homeless Curly Sue and her slightly molester-esque homeless friend Jim Belushi, with that little girl who was all curly-haired and what not? Well, if you don't, this should surely stoke your memory:

Yeah, that's right. Adorable movie, adorable little girl. Probably doesn't have much of a career ahead of her, though, right? She's probably doing coke off Macauley Culkin's chest as we speak. Wait, what, she's NOT?! She has a new career as a TOTALLY HOT SINGER CHICK?! Whoa!

All I can say is BAM. Her website is also amazing, filled with plenty of fun facts about her career, such as her brief stint with the MTV daily soap Undressed and a guest shot on "Perfect Strangers". Her special abilities, according to her web site, include "LOVING!" I can only describe her music as a mixture of Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, and Hilary Duff -- a.k.a., I totally dig it!

In the immortal words of L.Q. -- "Curly Sue? More like 'why don't you CURL up with me in my bed, SUE?'"

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  1. Anonymous Drax | 1:27 AM |  

    Texas fatty...

  2. Blogger Christine | 4:47 PM |  

    I cannot seem to find a way to believe this.

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