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No Hate

I know, I know. We here at the Pop Culture Blogulator spend most of our time hatin' on things, cuz, let's face it, the first rule in interesting reading is reading about things that suck is way more interesting than things that don't suck. So, for a brief moment into Qualler's psyche, let me go into the things happening in pop culture right now that I genuinely do like, and, perhaps, even LOVE.

(It should be noted that both Chris and I plan on a big old bunch of "Best of 2005" types of posts after this lovely year is all over, so the positivity will be so damn bright that you'll have to walk away and clear your head and head over to The Drax Report, or maybe play some Urban Dead. I apologize in advance.)

First off, Annie is an absolute fox. She's Norwegian, so Paal Harstad doesn't even have to ask her the question of "Do you have any Norwegian in you?" Second, although perhaps her own vocals are while great not outstanding, she certainly picks some hottttttttt producers to work with. Take, for instance, this new-fangled DJ Kicks EP she's put out, especially the Pitchfork-approved song "The Wedding". Check her out. No, I mean her music, you damn perv.

Annie Lennox, "Walking On Broken Glass"
Damn, this song is great. No, shut up you damn jaded hipster, IT'S A GREAT SONG. Oh crap, this song is WAY too short! I just put it on again so I can jam out to it one more time. Ah, the multi-layered melody, and the breakdown in the middle ("and if yer tryyyyyyyyyin/to cut me down...) Annie should totally cover Annie Lennox.

Animal Collective, Everything They've Ever Done.
"Now THAT'S the sauce, boss," I'm sure you're saying. "Qualler is done with those crappy-ass pop songs and movin' on to some REAL indie!" Wait a second, hold up there, though. From what my ears tell me, their new album, Feels, just FEELS like a huge pop hit. Okay, so it's definitely not going to be, because it's still weird as shit. But, it's also weird and majestic and perfectly coordinated at the same time. And it all makes sense. Brigitte had the opportunity to see them play in Paris, and she reported to me that the band dressed up in scary Halloween costumes and threw candy. Now, please tell me how many other bands throw candy at their audience? What's that, none? That's right. Now sit down, bitch. The AC is ruling the world.

Damn, I didn't know that F/X had it in them to have such a damn good show on the television programming cable channel screen cinema acting and what not. (Try to diagram that sentence. It's hard for me to focus on writing because "Walking On Broken Glass" is just so damn good.) But seriously. I watched the first three episodes of this show, and I'm Nipping and Tucking for Chris to nerdflix this shit so we can catch up with where the are right now as far as new episodes go. I think I said "What the fuck!" about 15 times per episode by myself. Genius, genius, genius. Good call, Drax.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go walk on some broken glass.

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