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the ever-so-fine line between creeping out and chilling out.

JANA HUNTER: every sunday i'm going to try to post my favorite album i'm kicking into rotation over at radio k, so here's the first of the batch. jana's new cd blank unstaring heirs of doom is a batch of home recordings from a lo-fi girl and her guitar. STOP YAWNING. at first i was totally ambivalent to this record and now i haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day. if you're nervous, twitchy, feeling your forehead quiver, or have finally gotten to the point of giving up over whatever it is you're getting your tummy in a tumble about, i strongly encourage you to follow the blue link above and listen to "restless." i got over my iron & wine/sufjan stevens phase last year, but finally jana is reopening the door for experimental folk music rather than just retro-hipster faux-folk music. i don't care if you're a drummer, please listen. i haven't heard something like this since i first heard "the charles c. leary" by the man whose name jana's is going to forever be attached to, devendra banhart. and that's okay, maybe it will help get the banhart bandwagon to listen to jana. her record is way creepier, calmer, and intrinsically (read: not forced) layered than his overhyped cripple crow of this year anyhow. (i still love ya, dev!)

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  1. Blogger qualler | 8:58 AM |  

    Whoa, is that Winona Ryder dressing up as Conor Oberst for Halloween?

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