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Man, Was I Ever Wrong.

Kudos to Chris Gregory for correcting me on this, but the aforementioned "Guy Who Wants To Be Ashton Kutcher" from the SNL "Lazy Sunday" video is Andy Samberg, who comes from a hilarious comedy trio called The Lonely Island. Good stuff, check it out, especially "The 'Bu".

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  1. Blogger estragon | 2:43 AM |  

    Are you being literal when you say that they put him in a skit about monkeys throwing poop?

    I would like to imagine you're just exaggerating for comic effect, but given the state of SNL recently it seems entirely possible you're serious.

    Also, sorry if it came across as a correction. I meant it more as a thank you for the cool link adn then pointing you to more cool stuff along the same lines.

    I have a bad tendency to always come across as more condescending than I mean to be.

    But, yeah, Lonely Island = the funny, apparently.

  2. Blogger Mark | 7:42 AM |  

    Hahaha, no worries, I was not offended by it at the least, all I meant was mad propzzzz for both you and for The Lonely Island.

    And no, fortunately (or unfortunately? I don't really know) that skit hasn't happened yet, but it was the skit in theory that Brigitte and I thought was inevitable.

  3. Blogger Dave | 9:36 AM |  

    Dude, these guys are great. The 'Bu' was originally made for this online (and live if you live in LA) monthly comedy screening called 'Channel 101'. Check it out - some of our friends who used to live in Madison do it, and even a Mr. Jack Black got in on it in the old days. Check out 'Computer Man' and 'Time Belt'. Great stuff.

  4. Blogger Jessica | 12:48 AM |  


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