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it's hard out here for a blog.

so i started my own blog. not because qualler's cramping my style (i'll never quit the blogulator!), but because a 12-year-old at a young writers workshop i taught at made me realize that i haven't written poetry in a long time. it's called avant-blog; "ess (comma) the oyster" and will contain sporadic playfulness with words/pictures from yours truly. i want to say thanks to mr. pat hayden for partially inspiring its name. to mark the occassion, my latest sum-up of my interactions with pop culture will describe each item as avant-something. enjoy.

the oscars: avant-progress. finally 40 years after the civil rights movement, a "film" about race relations can be awarded. i guess we're going to have to wait 40 years for a watered-down captain obvious version of brokeback mountain to win best picture.

kiss me deadly (@ the entry): avant-space pop. emotions pack a punch, even in reverb-heavy outer space. with song titles as robotic and disenchanted as "pop" and "dance 1," they sure do manage to believe in something. and demonstrate it perfectly.

16 blocks: avant-interracial buddy action movie. it's almost as lame as money talks and rush hour, but somehow manages to allude to gritty modernist short story writer raymond carver. now that's surreal.

belong (@ the entry): avant-ambient. it sounds completely empty and devoid of life, but at the same time, its disparity becomes so vivid and full that hope ends up gleaming through the cracks in the sidewalk. and the gleam is louder than any god.

24: avant-patriotism. sometimes i actually feel like i love this county while i watch 24. and then the commercials for the local news come on during the show and i realized i have once again been successfully duped by a sutherland.

final destination 3: avant-campy horror film. i love how my brain feels like it's about to explode when i can't figure out whether i hate or love a certain movie. it's not just kitsch value, it's actual proud love. please watch for the GRIZZLY bear scene.

firewall: avant-heist film. wouldn't it be FASCINATING if there wasn't an actual bank robbery but instead they just used a computer to steal money? talk about NAIL-BITING.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:33 AM |  

    Actually, I believe 24 is avant-AWESOME.


  2. Blogger qualler | 10:08 AM |  

    You seem to be suggesting that you've been duped by other Sutherlands before. Were you duped by Donald Sutherland in Commander in Chief?

  3. Blogger The Hero | 10:04 PM |  

    I never feel satisfied, when leaving the theater after seeing a Final Destination movie. Part of my brain always wonders: "why exactly did I pay to see this movie?" But another part of my brain says, "Come on, you were entertained!"

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