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JT stands for "jumpin' terrificness" apparently.

haha i break the trend of post titles with parenthetical subtitles!

so i don't have long, but here's what happened to me today in a nutshell:

-students called me names
-students threw objects at me
-i cried like a little girl
-my car broke down and had to get towed
-this caused me to miss my most-anticipated concert with vocals of the year: mew (aka danish space-emo orgasmatron)
-i cried like the littlest girl

just when i thought NOTHING could save my day from being the worst freaking day of the year, i turned on nbc just in time to not hear jay leno say a single word, but watch the most astounding performance of the song that has cycled between "good," "bad," "ironically good," and back to sincerely "good" again more than any song in history: "sexyback," by nerd-whitey-on-a-stage-full-of-otherwise-totally-black-people JT. thank you for existing and writing this song, which reminds me of what i envisioned the future of pop music to become after seeing chris tucker's performance in the fifth element. "go heavy go wit it," indeed.

  1. Blogger P. Arty | 9:24 AM |  

    Daaaag...sorry you missed Mew! I have a 15% chance of going tonight. I'll let you know if I do.

    Other than that, great post, especially the Chris Tucker reference.

  2. Blogger Unspar! | 10:35 AM |  

    The first half of the JT CD is the best CD of the year.

  3. Blogger nicole | 11:52 AM |  

    First, you should have called me when the kids threw stuff at you because I know how to "deal" with that. And second, you should have called me when "my" car broke down because I could have given you a ride or at least possibly come up with the reason it might have broken down (no cap on the windshield fluid? Oil issues? senescence- i.e. forgot where and who it is) which might have provided solace;) If it helps at all, I hate being a teacher today, too, and actually put on a quickly downloaded video about Johnny Appleseed pretty much just to fill time.

    But Chicago's going to be so much fun, right? which is my reason for not crying, since JT's moves don't improve my day that much!

  4. Anonymous anita | 10:58 AM |  

    i am reminded of last year's teaching disaster. don't worry too much. it gets sooo much better. of course sooo much better than failing is still failing but you get the drift. good luck with the year!


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