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Inspector Gadget Is Not A Cyborg!

Wikipedia's entry on the groundbreaking television show Inspector Gadget is way off-base, accusing Inspector Gadget of being a cyborg. Your exact quote, "Inspector Gadget is an animated television series about a clumsy, absent-minded, and oblivious detective, Inspector Gadget, who is a cyborg with various "gadgets" built into his anatomy," is wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. How dare you, Wikipedia. Inspector Gadget is perhaps the most human of all human detectives, fumbling his way through crime after crime, merely experiencing, nay, understanding all of humanity and their foibles through life, crime, family, and robotic arms that can reach anywhere but are usually used in a comic fashion. Surely a film version of the cartoon starring venerable humanitarian actor Matthew Broderick should suffice as evidence of Inspector Gadget's venerable humanity.

Qualler's note: In an effort to increase posting levels, Chris and Qualler have decided to write more posts with less depth more frequently going forward. This is not to say that longer posts will not happen, but that we need to post more if we're ever going to get $50 from Google AdSense. I mean, we need to post more if we want to grow the readership of The Blogulator. Chris just got his new computer and will be blogging more once he gets his internet set up, which will be done most likely this week.

  1. Blogger Dave | 9:55 AM |  

    Actually, he is a cyborg. Robot parts + people parts = cyborg.

    One thing I always thought was odd was that he has the helicopter that comes out of his head. Is that thing actually in his hat, or is it in his brain? The top of his hat flops open for it to come out, so I'm not sure where it's stored. I don't think I ever saw him use it without his hat on.

  2. Blogger qualler | 8:07 AM |  

    This is suggesting that Inspector Gadget himself is made of part robot parts. This is never really completely proven, though. Just watch the opening credits - he pulls a button on his jacket to make himself into a balloon. Is it a part of his body that becomes a balloon, or merely his jacket? And like you said about the hat, you do not know where the helicoptor is stored, so who's to say it doesn't just come out of his hat? He HAS gadgets, but HE is not a gadget.

  3. Blogger Dave | 9:21 AM |  

    No no no, you're completely wrong. His arms extend, his finger pops open and a phone antenna comes out, he has spring legs, this guy is absolutely made partly of robot parts.

    As soon as you have your hand connected to yoru shoulder only by a long-ass piece of metal or your foot connected to your knee by a f'n spring you're a cyborg.

    There are definately some gadgets that are part of his clothes, or otherwise just attached to him, but there are certianly pieces of his body removed and replaced by robot parts.

  4. Blogger chris | 10:32 PM |  

    the fact is that inspector gadget is too wacky to be a cyborg. a cyborg will cut you in half. inspector gadget will make you laugh and learn a lesson. DR. CLAW will cut you in damn half.

  5. Blogger Dave | 11:01 PM |  

    Not all cyborgs are evil, man. Remember in I, Robot when Will Smith was a cyborg who SAVED THE DAY? Yeah, I thought maybe you'd remember the finest movie in ages.

  6. Blogger Paal | 12:22 AM |  

    I'm totally with Dave on this one in a techinical sense... however, in a figurative sense, Mark makes a fantastic point. (yay for being non-combative... let's see how long this lasts...)

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