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"Yo, What These Guys Doin'?"

So I was all ready to blog about the top five sports movies from my childhood that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but in a quasi-ironic-but-not-really-childhood-rawks kind of way in honor of the beginning of the NBA season when I was flippin' through the channels and happened upon Vilmer Balderamamama or whatever that 70's show jackass is from. It was that Yo' Momma show on MTV, and he was holding a book, and he says "Man, this book is full of bitches!" Then he holds up the book to the camera and IT IS A BOOK ABOUT DOGS. Then he smiled at the camera for about 5 minutes. GET IT?!?! BITCHES ARE ALSO DOGS.

This, along with the guy who came to the establishment Chris and Unspar and I were watching the T-wolves game at and was all "Whoa, f-bomb f-bomb, what the f-bomb are theeeeeze guyyyyys doin'? The Wolves were winnin' by 10 and now they're winnin' by 2! I'm speaking from my stomach!" Seriously, what's the deal with college kids these days thinking that Vilmer Balderama trashin' on yo' momma is good entertainment and speaking from your stomach is the right way to speak?

And then I watched the trailer for the new movie Let's Go to Prison, written by Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon of the second best sketch show ever, "The State", and directed by Bob Odenkirk of the best sketch show ever "Mr. Show with Bob and David" and now THESE FORMERLY GENIUS NERDS ARE JACKASSES and OH MY GOD I WANT TO GOUGE DAX SHEPPARD'S EYES OUT. Wait, where did I get the idea for that? Watching crappy commercials for Jackass. Jackasses are taking over the world.

But then I remembered a movie called V for Vendetta that came out earlier this year, and adjusted my thesis: Jackass nerds are taking over the world, and they're a different breed of jackass nerds than The Blogulator. Don't say The Blogulator didn't warn you.

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  1. Blogger Dave | 10:37 AM |  


  2. Blogger chris | 4:24 PM |  

    haha the funny thing is i understand every single word of it.

  3. Blogger DoktorPeace | 11:57 AM |  

    I understood as well, and I'm not even in a country.

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