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the blogulator's halloween costume: an average indie rock blog.

sometimes i get sick of whining. not too often, because if i go too long without whining, the irony/hipster gods will take away my feeding tube (read: track jacket/emo buttons). but every so often i think i should let you know what music makes me enjoy life (and has that "voice" instrument that all the kids enjoy). and there are links to supply you with free music.

[post-preface pre-content disclaimer: if you like music without words, you can find out what i regularly like via my radio show's web site here or here.]

"been here before" by jeremy enigk. a man who loves jesus and is still infinitely depressed. and his voice makes my innards tremble.

"please visit your national parks" by oxford collapse. a band who i've always liked but am just now finally loving. probably as sincerely energetic as indie-rock gets without being too much.

"this harness can't ride anything" by chin up chin up. the band that reminds me of everything i loved about being in a band with overly symbolic lyrics, sunny keyboards, and slinky guitar lines. yeah i know he can't sing. that's why i like it.

"wet paint" by cale parks. listen to this before going to bed or just as you wake up. TRUST ME.

"thirteen" by forward, russia. i tried to get myself not to like this bloc party meets m83 brit-hype crap, but my ears failed me. the rest of the album's terrible though.

"triggering back" by benoit pioulard. i hate acoustic guitars. i love this song. this kid's 20?? what have i done with my life?!?!?!

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