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Joy To These Lemons

An unnamed blog recently made a thinly-veiled accusation that, among other things, seemed to be pointed toward certain authors of this blog, saying something about lemonade and sugar and lemons and stuff. Lemons, shmemons, unnamed blogger! You want some joy? I'll SHOW you some freaking JOY!

My Chemical Romance is better than it has any right to be
Maybe its just me sitting in silence for too long in a financial office, but when I get home and listen to the new My Chemical Romance album on my computer, it makes me happy because IT'S SO LOUD! And there are big dumb guitar riffs and drums that would fit in my favorite ever proposed video game of the future, Drum Hero (like Guitar Hero but with drums.) And there's even a song about how lame teenagers are (aptly titled "Teenagers"), a subject near and dear to my blogging partner's real-life heart (since he teaches them, you know, as a job.) The Blogulator's bloggin' buddy (and real-life buddy) Sovietpanda expresses his love for MCR very well over at his blog. And to think they opened for Piebald a couple years ago and SUCKED HORRIBLY. Wait, do they still suck horribly? Oh well, who cares.

That newly released and highly rated album by Clipse
A white-as-white-can-be blogger stereotypically shouldn't be all that into this, but like Chris mentioned in a previous post, sometimes you gotta thump the bass, whether it's with tha' biggest midget in the game (S-O-V, pull up the ping-pong guhhhl!) or whether it's with this Neptunes puppet act. Not gonna lie - I love "Milkshake" by Kelis and produced by the hip-hop hypesters of the century, the Neptunes. IT'S CREEPY SOUNDING! And so is what I've heard of this whole album. I promise, Clipse, I won't deal cocaine! Or maybe I will, since it sounds like it's such a darkly good time.

Documentaries are like reality television but make you feel smarter
Alright, this probably doesn't fall under the category of guilty pleasure, but after completing the Up series of documentaries with this year's 49 Up, it leaves me with the idea that I've done something important with my life...by sitting and watching British people drone on about the minutia of their lives. And yet there's something amazingly metaphysical watching people grow up and have all the same boring crap happen to all of their lives. It's strangely hopeful. And it doesn't leave you with a bad dish-soapy aftertaste like crap like "The Real World" and "Beauty and the Geek" and "Hogan Knows Best" and so on and so forth. Yeah, I guess I still am a snob after all.

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