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apparently abc is still a major television network.

after relinquishing myself from the evils of cable in august, i have tended to not use those "channel +" or "channel -" buttons on my remote control. heroes, dond (deal or no deal for you amateurs), 30 rock, and the office are all on nbc, so why would i ever watch anything but nbc? but tonight, jerksica wanted to watch the charlie brown xmas thinger, so we found ourselves on the former home of tgif, abc. and unfortunately, our dinner was ready at precisely 8pm, so we were forced to watch more tv. because you know, no one eats dinner while not watching tv. that dining table is just there to look pretty.

big day: i was very lucky to catch 24: the sitcom directly after the charlie brown xmas thinger while enjoying some delicious herb potatoes and a chicken & apple sausage. and by "very lucky," i mean i laughed twice. once when...wait, i don't remember the jokes. oh well, that'll happen when your show is a hodge-podge of cliches from various romantic comedies centered around wedding days. is he enough of a grown up to get married?!?! can she fulfill the stereotype of bridezilla enough?!?! can that lizard lady from just shoot me be any more cringe-inducing!??!? the answers to these questions and more are less important than the answer to the question "what's that crusty stuff in my cat's fur that she can't seem to lick out?" in other words, don't worry about answering the questions and just GET RID OF IT already!!! zing!!!!

help me help you: ted danson's hair is SO SILVER. that's all i got. i actually kind of liked the episode they aired tonight. i'm not going to go so far as saying "i just watched this show and i totally loved it!" or adding it to my facebook profile, because c'mon, it's on abc and it stars ted danson. but i was amused. looking back, it's really not outstanding: danson is a therapist whose wacky patients are testing his sanity and he's got his own personal problems aside from all that razmatazz. it's like analyze this meets what about bob, with an equal amount of forgettableness from the former and genius from the latter. regardless, there's much worse stuff on television. but i won't lie, i've wasted upwards of 2 minutes of your life having you read about a show that really isn't bad enough or good enough to write or read anything about. sucker!!!! (i suppose i am also a sucker in this scenario.)

  1. Blogger Brian | 12:39 PM |  

    Ted Danson should have called it a day after Becker ended/was cancelled. He must be about 65 years old by now, acting at that age could break a hip.

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