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...and music is my mashed potato.

a 5-day weekend is coming to a close way too damn fast for my liking. but on the upside, unlike most thanksgivings, where i honestly have never expressed genuine thanks for anything (just being brutally honest) other than time away from school/work and a boatload of food, i would like to give thanks to the crap that we here at the blogulator relish in infrequently in actual blog-form, but continuously in our actual postmodern lives saturated by that which entertains, distracts, and every once in a while, connects to us on a personal and intimate level (whether sincerely, ironically, or both). and what better way to do this than with a themed analogy!!!

turkey = movies. the cornerstone of all things pop culture. you cannot have turkey day without turkey. tv wouldn't exist if it hadn't been for film, music is just one of several aspects of filmmaking, and about 99% of our celebrity obsessions are movie stars. and you can have really dry cheap turkey that you only eat half of or you can have mega-moist several-sandwich-leftovers turkey.

mashed potatoes = music. the one part of the dinner that i can never get enough of. yeah, i'll have 2 leftover-turkey sandwiches, but i'm gonna be crazy and put mashed potatoes on those sandwiches as well, because i don't want to have to wade through the sandwiches to GET to the sweet delicious creaminess of starch and carbohydrates that are MASHED so i don't have to do all that CHEWING nonsense. oh, i'm done with my mashed potato and turkey sandwiches? time for that serving of more mashed potatoes!!!

stuffing/green bean casserole = tv. wow i feel like there is often NO REASON to eat this stuff. and yet i continue to because someone once told me it would help balance my diet and it's on my plate and not faeces, so duh i'm going to eat it. wait! there's cranberries and fried onions in this? oh man, then i really DO like it!

pumpkin pie = celebrity gossip. i really do not like pumpkin pie - i get so sick of it so easily. at first it's like, YAY! SUGAR! but then after the 4th showing on youtube, i feel gross and icky inside and just want to put on headphones and eat some mashed potatoes. and yet while i don't even eat pumpkin pie anymore, i still take in the gossip like it's oxygen. because really, what else am i going to do with my life? in truth, i really prefer blueberry pie, which i guess is more of a general dessert rather than strictly t-giving, so it doesn't really apply to this analogy.


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