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Celebrity Sightings in NYC, Told In An Avant-Garde Stand-up Comic Fashion

Check it out! So, Brigitte and I saw the winner of America's Next Top Model at JFK Airport on Wednesday morning. And she is skinny in real life. Real skinny.

('how skinny is she?' says the crowd to the stand-up comic retelling his story of a D-list celebrity sighting at the airport oh the airport flying metal birds in the sky)

She's so skinny, she actually takes up NEGATIVE space!! Like, when you look at her, there is actually less space in the world. Get it? She's skinny. Anyway, yeah, that was our first celebrity sighting.

Then, on Thursday afternoon, we saw the poor man's Freddie Prinze Jr., star of such notables as Bring It On and Swimfan, Jesse Bradford! And we have pictures of him, too. Do you ever look at celebrities and say, hey man, why are you famous?

(audience says, "ha ha ha! yes!")

He was in Washington Square Park filming his new movie, My Sassy Girl. This movie's title is so generic, you can find it in the Roundy's food sections of Rainbow Foods!

This guy is so white, he has actually been designated as a star in the solar system! Get it? He reflects a lot of light.

Also on Thursday, we spotted a picture of Martin Short. He was so enthusiastic for his show on Broadway. This guy is so enthusiastic, he was actually asked by Robin Williams to be his creative enthusiasticness consultant.

(audience begins to murmur at the repetitive nature of these jokes and loses interest)

Thanks, guys! More celebrity sightings to come at a later date. You've been great! And let me tell you, Michael Richards would have no problem with you. Zing!

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 3:26 PM |  

    At first I looked at the picture of Martin Short and I thought to myself, I thought, "Anna, is that Clay Aiken? And has he aged, like, 37 years?" But no. Alas, alack. Brigitte's doing a really fun impression of him, though. And I loved Jesse Bradford in Bring It On, so I think I would've been excited to see him, even though I had a hard time explaining to Nickie just who the hell he was today. Oh well.

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