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New Years Blogulutions

In honor of the Holiday season that the Blogulator seemed to have kind of forgotten about, Qualler here at the Blogulator would like to list our Blogulutions. Get it? It's like Resolution, but with the word "blog."

Blogulution #1: Play more Guitar Hero II and talk about it.
Seriously, this game is the bomb diggity. In just under a half hour playing it the other night, I was Nigel Tufnel from fictional band Spinal Tap playing "Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight", Kurt Cobain playing "Heart-Shaped Box," and Sting playing "Message In a Bottle." And who can resist "Girlfriend" by Matthew Sweet...oh yes oh yes oh YES.

Blogulution #2: Listen to more new music.
Yeah, this is sad. Although there was lots of great music released in 2006, I hardly heard any of it. Maybe it's the whole not-being-a-college-student deal, but I feel needfully out of touch with music. Either that, or pop music really did release better music than indie music.

Blogulution #3: Celebrity gossip more.
Okay, not really, but what's up with Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell talking and all that crap? Now don't get me wrong - I'm no Rosie O'Donnell fan. (Unless we're talking the CBS TV movie that she co-starred with Andie McDowell, Riding the Bus with my Sister) but, c'mon, Trump is a douche.

Happy New Years, people. Next post is post #100 AND the beginning of the 2nd Annual Blogulator List-mania!

  1. Blogger Patrick | 9:53 AM |  

    Wait a second...Blogulution has two meanings!? This is going to be confusing.

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