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finally, genuine hatred. success!

i almost put "(and a little bit of like)" in the subject line, but regardless of my little bit of "like" for another film i encountered this weekend, i want to bring some focus to one big offender in particular. details below:

notes on a scandal: i should have realized my error immediately when qualler inquired, "why did you go see a movie with judi dench in the lead role?" but alas, apparently my brain is full of mush and golden globes fever. the most prominent memory from experiencing this melodramatic glorified lifetime movie is a basic conversation between my brain and my eyes. it went a little like this...

brain: man british people are ugly.
eyes: finally, something we can agree on.
brain: are you still watching this garbage?
eyes: what else am i supposed to do? i'm trying to convince you cate blanchett's hot.
brain: well i ain't having nunna dat. why don't you just close and help us fall asleep?
eyes: i'd love to, but i don't think i remember how to close during movies. flashy flicker celluloid wonder. you know how it goes.
brain: yeah, that's tough. i don't even remember the last time we fell asleep during a movie. this sucker's liked EVERYTHING lately so he convinces me to stay active and feed him trash like lucky number slevin and shopgirl.
eyes: well this is just unacceptable. i'll give it a shot. ready, lashies? let's DO THIS!
brain: nope. gotta find out what happens to the characters we don't care about.
ears: and more phillip glass score please! who cares if it makes every scene feel like a life-threatening situation? it's delightfully glassian!
brain and eyes: nobody's talking to you, ears!

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