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year-end lists help nerds feel like they have friends that can be numbered and easily categorized.

2007 is here, so let's quick pretend like 2006 is still here and that our memories of pop culture still matter. qualler and i want to tell you what we liked this year (both ironically and sincerely) both in independent and collaborative formats, because we like to think we are authorities on the stuff we'll probably end up making all of you listen to/watch sometime anyway.

the following lists will probably be posted in the near future, with the last mentioned already starting today (this, then, is a list of lists, i suppose):

1. the top 10 movies of 2006
2. the top 10 albums of 2006
3. the top 10 songs from the top 40 billboard of 2006
4. the top 50 songs of 2006, by chris/ the top 25 songs of 2006, by qualler

and yes, that cumbersome top 50 songs list is indeed starting today and is viewable simply by clicking on one of the afore-listed links. and i have a special limited time offer available to anyone who takes the time to get this far in reading one of my blog posts:

if you want to hear any/all of these songs, simply e-mail me/call me/instant message me/facebook me (internet strangers, you're out of luck) and i will hook you up mad crazy. PROMISE.

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