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the devil wears prada did not actually feature the devil. what gives?

let's take a close look at this poster. sure, looks like your normal red high-heeled shoe, and then your eyes peruse, see that it's starring blah blah and blah blah, you get to the bottom and BAM! a freaking pitchfork! oh and it has the word "DEVIL" in the title. this movie must be about how some bigwig in the fashion industry is actually the devil, and a young unassuming innocent comes to work for the company and slowly finds out the fantastical secret! it's been done before, but why not, it's only a dollar at the hollywood video atm thingy, and it's nominated for a couple oscars, jerksica wanted to see it, and at least it's not a movie JUST about the fashion industry. enough reasons to go ahead and do it, right?

"really, you rented that?" the girlfriend asks. whatever, get a bowl of ice cream, sit down, get ready for a mediocre video night. 20 minutes into the movie---

"so it's pretty much like the devil's advocate except with chicks, right?" i idiotically prod. i mean c'mon...it's all being set-up just as i had thought, young unassuming innocent in NEW YORK CITY (the devil's city), she's going to give up her own convictions for an industry as EVIL as fashion, where people only judge you based on how you look, everyone that works there is a gigantic jerkface, even continuous RED IMAGERYi see meryl streep looking like THIS:

so as i explain the premise of the devil's advocate to my co-watchers, i expect a reaction like, "wow, i can't believe they're so blatantly ripping off a movie. that's dumb." but no. i get the following:

"she's not ACTUALLY the devil. it's a figure of speech."

grrrrrrrrrrrawo;u4gn;o4unag;ourn b; av;ou4n;otnawe3@@~~~!@E!QQQQ~~~!!!!!

i sit slouched wayyyy down on the couch with a crinkled nose for 1 hour and 46 excruciating minutes. and the kicker? my friend and girlfriend are hating it too!!! well how did you THINK the movie was gonna be if there's no ACTUAL devil?!?!?!?! boring bore bore bore boring bore bore!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

this fiasco quickly reminded jess of a great story i think only some people have heard:

jess and a friend of hers (hayley) really wanted to watch center stage one night in the dorms. one slight complication: this is a movie about ballet or dancing or something and the friend's boyfriend was hanging out with them. and dudes totally don't go for that (even though wipert and i watched it in its entirety on hbo while waiting for strauss to pick us up for the radiohead concert a few years back), in case you didn't know. so they came up with an elaborate plot where they told him center stage was a thriller starring matt damon and it was about a ballet/dance company that was a front for a giant evil corporation whose secrets and evil plot to something something special agent matt damon was set out to uncover. the best part? he watched the whole thing without complaint and then said, "wait, matt damon wasn't in this." he had indeed watched the whole movie, making up an entire fake plot in his head based on the joke summary his girlfriend and friend had offered him when it actually was just a movie about dancing. ha!

that makes me feel better. but still, NO DEVIL?!?!?! #s 20-16 are now up on the listulator! please check 'em out if you are so inclined.

  1. Blogger Patrick | 2:34 PM |  

    Hahaha...I love that story at the end.

    I had a similar sentiment about John Tucker Must Die. No one in that movie tried to kill John Tucker--instead they just wanted to ruin him socially. The only difference is I still loved John Tucker Must Die.

  2. Blogger Lane C. | 12:47 PM |  


    I am ONLY reading your blog because I support Jessica and I got your email :)...with that said I hated that movie also, because the book is 20 times better, mostly because Miranda is a bigger bitch. In the movie that woman is no where close to how the book author Lauren (Weinberg)? portrays her former boss from Vogue Anna Wintour ..I mean her fiction character....anyways once you know all the gossip about it, it makes it so much better because it is really like the ultimate cat fight between two women where one got rich bitching about the other...

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