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Qualler's Things That He Did This Weekend

Qualler here, again, to post, again, while Chris continues to be out in Hollywoodland. Now there's a snoozer of a movie, Hollywoodland, partially due to the truly snoozetastic acting skills of Adrian Brody. Which is a good segueway to.....

The Darjeeling Limited
Now here's a film by Wes Anderson, a director who is either a total genius because of his consistent use of famlilial themes and quirky dialogue/situations/settings or a total obnoxious pretentious jerk because of his consistent use of familial themes and quirky dialogue/situations/settings. The Darjeeling Limited is no exception -- it is the 2007 film equivalent to Radiohead's new LP -- you know it is going to be satisfying in a comfort-food kind of way but probably won't be anything different. The biggest problem with the film is that Adrian Brody is it. I snoozed through most of his role. But that's not bad when there are two other principal actors (Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman). What the film lacked in script it made up for in prettiness.
Grade: B

The Fiery Furnaces, Turf Club, 10/12/2007
Hot diggity damn these guys rocked live. And oh my God Eleanor and Matthew Friedberger (the sister-brother combo who are the principal members of the band) are essentially the same person but as the guy and girl version of each other -- essentially, the Michael and Janet Jackson of indie rock, except not as creepy. Their set-up was pretty wonderful, too, as Eleanor focused on the singing and Matthew focused on the keyboard playing. But what I really want to talk about were the four douchebags dancing at the front of the stage. First, there was a douchebag who kept yelling, "Eleanor, I love you, marry me!" and threw his hands up in the air during the songs like he was at a weird Dave Matthews Band Playing Christina Rock concert, and he danced like a jackass. Next, came a gentle douchebag who kind of danced like he was smokin' some of the dope the kids smoke these days, as if he were on his way to a Phish concert and stumbled upon this one. Then, some douchebag girl cut in front of me and Brigitte and gave herself a four-foot personal bubble to, I don't know, grind against air? Ugh. Then there was the guy who jumped on stage and dove into the crowd to a stage-dive where no one picked him up. Eleanor was gracious enough to give him a bottle of water, but when he got on the stage again, Matthew got up and pushed him off the stage. Oh yeah, the music was great, too.
Grade: A-

Sex and the City
When Brigitte and I got home and wanted to watch something that we could watch together, I said yes to "Sex and the City". Now, it's not like I care or anything that they're making a movie that is coming out on May 31, 2008, and it's not like I give a crap that Mr. Big (Chris Noth) is in it, too, and that it's continuing the hilarious yet poignent adventures of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha, and it's not like I am so totally a Miranda. I mean, this show is for CHICKS. Ha, yeah, I don't sometimes laugh at the things characters say. Ha, that's...oh, Miranda, why'd you let that guy do that???
Grade: itotallydon'tlikewatchingthisshowitsforgirlsitsstup---okay, the series gets a B+.

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 2:34 AM |  

    First you make me love you by liking Carnivale, then you break me by marrying A GIRL, now I'm finally over you after your Sex and the City confessions.

    Also, your misspelling "famlilial" combined with my word "retrofamilial" means the Blogulator ungrammatically riffed on familiarity twice this week. I think that's good.

  2. Blogger Sean | 10:17 AM |  

    Darjeeling Limited is out in the cities already???
    Oh, Milwaukee, you are the worst!

    Did it end with someone walking in slow motion?

  3. Blogger Nicole | 11:07 AM |  

    I think that every single time they walked throughout the entire movie it was in slow motion, to a random indie-rock song...and they threw something, which looked SO cool in slow motion;)

    I also think that you (qualler, I guess you're called) shouldn't have to like SATC. Asking men to like it would mean eradicating the need to eradicate the "double standard" that says that since women "must" show interest in professional sports, men should need to care about what we enjoy watching, which is outdated and usually difficult to enforce...and I refuse to like baseball just for the sake of reciprocity. So I vote that we eliminate both standards and set low standards for everyone!

    PS-That was all sarcastic. I'm not serious. Honestly. I love Johan! If you have to yell at me, please do it in slow motion, with a Fiery Furnace song playing in the background:)

  4. Blogger Brigitte | 11:51 AM |  

    Just to make things very clear: I did not ask Qualler to enjoy Sex and the City. We were going through our dvds (which we hardly ever watch anymore thanks to our dish network and dvr) and I said "how about Sex and the City?" completely prepared to move onto the next option. His response, however, was "yeah, I could go for that...I'm kinda in the mood for some SATC)." He kinda loves it. Just like I kinda love reruns of Friends. And you know what? That's OK.

    Also, the slow-motion parts of the Darjeeling Limited were indeed beautiful. And the throwing and jumping in slow motion (is that a hyphenated word or not? shouldn't i know that?) was amazing. But immediately after the movie we stayed to watch the midnight screening of Rushmore, which sort of made this new flick seem a lot less enjoyable...

  5. Blogger Nicole | 12:42 PM |  

    I think it's great that Qualler likes it. And I just assumed he had chosen to watch it (since the guys we know are not bound my mindless TV gender stereotypes). I was just responding to those who are SATC haters: people can like what they like, but there shouldn't be expectations or judgment either way.

  6. Blogger chris | 2:43 PM |  

    LETS WATCH SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Blogger Nicole | 3:14 PM |  

    Men. Life is just an episode of "According to Jim" to you. While my life is EXACTLY like Sex and the City...and I bet you know which girl I am.

  8. Blogger qualler | 3:31 PM |  

    Wow, enough comments here for a poorly thrown-together post? Way to appreciate the garbage, internet public.

    Harold: Imagine a Carnivale Meets Sex and the City episode, a la The Jetsons Meet The Flinstones. Tell me how that could possibly fail.

    Sean: Yes, Darjeeling is in Minneapolis. And yes, not only did it end with slow motion, it started with slow motion, even with a slow motion Bill Murray. Slow motion is fantastic.

    Nicole: Have ye no faith in my ability to like things on my own terms?

    Brigitte: OMG I love you soooo much! Kisses! Noses?

    Chris: Beer me!

  9. Blogger Nicole | 3:43 PM |  

    I was defending the liking of things on one's own terms. Have ye no faith in my ability to not have mean undertones? Because I'm usually nice.

    And eww. Wes Anderson would disapprove of explicit displays of affection. Everything should be veiled in unspoken malaise and emotions should be expressed through whimsical set dressing.

    PS- I comment too much when I'm happy. Two-day workweek=happiness! Or as Wes Anderson would direct: Nicole says languidly "Tomorrow's actually Friday." She then smokes a cigarette, while petting a ceramic tchotchke of a dog (that must accompany her everywhere, for no explained reason).

  10. Blogger qualler | 3:48 PM |  

    Nicole: Sorry, internet sarcasm doesn't work very well on my end, either. What I meant was,

    Max Fischer: "Have ye no faith in my ability to appreciate what I wish?"
    Bill Murray: "Goddamn kid, he's got me in a real bind."
    Royal Tenenbaum: (unexplained maniacal laughter)
    Parrot: Squalk! My favorite birdie!
    Owen Wilson: Look at these assholes.


    Perhaps we as a blogging collective should write the next Wes Anderson film.

  11. Blogger Brigitte | 12:18 PM |  


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