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The Online is Bursting at the Seams.

We here at the Blogulator often scour YouTube, read other blogs, online zines, and various pretentious web publications and would like to share with you some of our favorites from time to time (i.e. when we don't have any new posts to whip up and publish for you - Qualler apologizes for his absence today). Here are some recommended videos, articles, and music to check out...

Pitchfork: I saw the midnight showing of The Breakfast Club this weekend. Weak choice you say? Wrong. Still love it, especially without the TBS edits. This video connects the great new Pinback single "From Nothing to Nowhere" with the classic slackerism of the Brat Pack at their finest. BLOGULATOR-APPROVED.

YouTube: And in case you didn't click on the link above (indie rock + the 80s not good enough for you?), hopefully Phil Collins + Gorilla is a more attractive combination for you. I know this is everywhere, but just in case you haven't seen it or were in a bad mood when it was shoved down your throat the last time. BLOGULATOR-APPROVED.

Stereogum: Watching the pathetic Seth Rogen-hosted SNL this weekend on Qualler's DVR made me cry for a Digital Short. Especially after a not-so-bad Kanye West-hosted season premiere last week. Especially when it included several very unfunny Will Forte MacGyver parodies. I had to watch this to cheer myself up. BLOGULATOR-APPROVED.

24 Headquarters: Chuck is making me wish 24 started in the fall rather than in January, regardless of how terrible last season was. We don't usually like to talk about things that happen in the real world here at the Blogulator, and Bill Clinton's attempt at relating an idiotic escapist serial drama with real life is a prime example why. Too bad, because what he's attempting to say isn't as stupid as what he actually says. BLOGULATOR-APPROVED.

Metacritic: I love Wes Anderson movies because people that hate Wes always hate him for the same reasons that people love him. This man is the reason why "pretentious" has become a valued and acceptedly appropriate term for film geeks everywhere rather than a put-down. And I mean that in a good way. Can't wait for The Darjeeling Limited to finally come out in Minneapolis this weekend. BLOGULATOR-APPROVED.

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