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playing your requests, on the pop culture blogulator.

according to the comments in the last post, our esteemed friend and reader sean wants us to get him and the rest of the blogulator readership "prepped" for the new fall tv season. ask and thou shall receive. btw, i dunno who anonymously asked for more coverage on online comic strips a couple posts ago, but obviously you asked and we didn't bring you the goods. that's because online comic strips are dumb, jsyk. thanks for reading though! here's what i'll be tuning into this fall (at least until i get sick of trying to schedule my dvr-less life around television)...


7pm - NOTHING! how is prison break still a show? how long does it take to break out of prison? they're obviously not very good at it if this show is still going on.

8pm - HEROES! on NBC! it doesn't suck. it's compelling as H. for the first time in a long time, i'm going to go buy something on dvd the day it comes out (heroes season 1 this tuesday). but if it starts sucking for whatever reason, i'll be watching...

K-VILLE! on FOX! i don't like that guy from kangaroo jack, but do you get it? the k stands for katrina. it's set in new orleans. it looks like the wire-lite, but i do enjoy heavy-handed emotional drama from time to time. i will maybe get around to watching the first episode online before it airs to see if i want to invest any energy in this.

9pm - JOURNEYMAN! on NBC! once again it's just another tv show redux (quantum leap) and that song on the commercial is the only thing pulling your heart strings making you want to watch it, but nevertheless, i will be suckered in to watch the first time/dimension travel-related show in a long time. p.s. i miss you sliders!


7pm - BEAUTY AND THE GEEK! on THE CW! i watched a few consecutive episodes of this last season and was amused by how i would probably act if i ever got picked to be on a reality show where there were tons of faux-hot chicks in a house with me and other nerds. plus, i really have no reason to watch the geico-inspired cavemen if it won't be playing erlend oye in the background like its corresponding commercials.

8pm - CHUCK! on NBC! wow, tuesday will consist almost entirely of dweeb-based programming. blah blah geek squad employee gets wrapped up in secret government conspiracy with an attractive secret agent. how can the one show that isn't a rip-off of another show sound the least enticing this year? yet i will give it a shot because i'm a sucker.

9pm - LAW AND ORDER: SVU! on NBC! if you haven't checked my status on facebook recently (for shame!) or you don't know who this guy elliot stabler who i have a man crush on is, now you do. i used to complain about how these shows are so self-contained, but i also have always watched them here and there. and now that i've watched a good deal of svu on netflix's watch now feature, i feel like i must make sure i keep watching this show to find out if stabler ever does hook up with olivia.


7pm - PUSHING DAISIES! on ABC! the visuals look too much like big fish and that puts me off, but it has potential. dude brings stuff back to life and hilariousness/poignancy ensues. if this fails me, then...

BACK TO YOU! on FOX! kelsey grammar and patricia heaton as tv news anchors? no thanks. oh wait, fred willard's in it? yeah it could be okay.

8pm - BIONIC WOMAN! on NBC! the one NBC show that sounded like a total bust at first has the coolest commercial out of the bunch. it looks dark, darker than heroes (that show's sometimes light tone is maybe one of its only maybe kinda flaws), and it looks minimal rather than a barrage of effects and action. niiiiiice.

9pm - LIFE! on NBC! for a network whose #4 in ratings, i sure do give it a lot of chances. jerksica put it best when we saw this show's commercial: that's not a tv show idea, that's a movie idea (and we're not talking about the forgettable eddie murphy movie of the same name). summary: dude gets life sentence for crime he didn't commit, gets absolved of it after a stay in prison, gets awesome car and job back, is a jackass to everyone because he kinda has a right to. not the worst premise (obviously i'm watching it), but not exactly "noteworthy."


7pm - NOTHING! no new shows appearing at this time slot? nothing wants to take on smallville or my name is earl? okay, whatevs.

7.30pm - 30 ROCK! on NBC! self-explanatory. everyone on this show is practically flawless. i think it's better than the office and is the best network sitcom since, hell, i can't even remember. well it's up there with it's always sunny in philadelphia.

8pm - THE OFFICE! on NBC! still a genius show, despite the constant jim/pam stuff that i can't honestly say i hate, but can definitely say i enjoy way less than any screen time that creed, ryan, or oscar get.

9pm - NOTHING! and by nothing i mean i'll probably have without a trace on while i grade papers. and then i'll get guiltily engrossed by it and some poor 16-year-old will have to wait another to day to find out what they got on their great gatsby essay.

the weekends:

no one watches tv on the weekends, and if you do, stop it. go do stuff with people. if you're in minneapolis, call me. because i really don't want to (YES I DO!) end up watching the next great american band or whatever it's actually called on friday nights.

qualler, you wanna give us your couch potato schedule?

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 10:20 PM |  

    Bionic Woman = a producer from Battlestar Galactica plus Starbuck plus a guy from Twin Peaks = hopefully yay.

    Your Great Gatsby reality/joke = my favorite in a while except for the Tegan and Sara one cuz I like when Pat cries.

    Nice try with your weekend emptiness, but we all know you're gonna be spending Sats and Suns on the couch with a cold one watching the game.

  2. Blogger P. Arty | 10:39 AM |  

    I love these posts. I never have any idea what's going on in any aspects of the world, so I enjoy getting some reco's as to what I should waste my time with.

    Oscar? Really? Really? Hating Jim and Pam is SO Chris Polley of you.

  3. Blogger Vega's | 2:19 PM |  

    Wow you must hate girls because you left out every girl show...what about Lipstick jungle or it same rival cashmere mafia (both tie back to SATC)...just a though

  4. Blogger qualler | 3:14 PM |  

    Wow, is that Kima from The Wire in that K-Ville promo shot? Or just somebody who looks exactly like her? What a rip.

    My couch potato schedule is on its way.

  5. Blogger chris | 5:56 PM |  

    hmmm the fact that i'm a DUDE might have something to do with me not wanting to watch lipstick jungle or cashmere mafia. plus the fact that sex and the city makes me want to rip eyeballs out of SJP's brains. i can do acronyms too!

  6. Blogger Vega's | 8:33 AM |  

    oh you are so smart...i was just pointing out the fact that it is a review of tv this fall....

    oh ps you should try ugly betty......realy.....you would like it I cross my heart!

  7. Anonymous Anonymous | 11:04 PM |  

    Thank you, Chris.

    Too bad you don't like web-comics.. Achewood and Toothpaste for Dinner are brilliant.. in a way I pity you.


  8. Blogger DoktorPeace | 6:45 PM |  

    Re: Ugly Betty.


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