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the only theme song that makes me emotional.

as the bloguletter professed, i was originally planning on discussing the similarities and differences between nbc's the age of love (40-year-olds or 20-year-olds, which will fall in love with some australian airhead?) and the science of love (will the girl that he picks on instinct or the girl a computer picks for him be his perfect match?) and then i realized that not only would be terribly uninteresting to read about, i start getting sleepy just thinking about actually writing about such a concept. and yet, i continue to watch them. let this be a lesson to blogulutioneers: just because something laughable entertains your vapid brain does not mean you need to blog about it. so instead, i bring you...

beverly hills 90210: where are our teenage heroes?

the best theme song that has ever graced my
ears gets an america's got talent-esque makeover

luke perry, on john in cincinatti: this past weekend, i had the pleasure of scraping my eyeballs to the core with an unhealthy amount of free hbo/showtime/starz ondemand via jerksica's parents. i finally saw the flight of the conchords tv show, which mostly lived up to the hype (the pilot was weak, but the other two i "demanded" were genius). then i tried to catch up on the new show john in cincinatti, which qualler earlier got excited about as it quickly replaced the already-canonical and deceased the sopranos. unfortunately, i watched episode 4 of john in cincinatti on "live tv" before i discovered the luxurious ondemand option. this made things confusing, as it was mostly faux-profound non sequiturs exuding from detached yet wise-ass characters, including luke perry. following three surfers from three different generations supposedly, it mostly felt like people who didn't surf and didn't really want to be around each other and luke perry looking like he's a senior citizen (not unlike how he looked in BH90210) with a scraggly mop of thinning hair. i seriously didn't think i could have watched an entire episode and still have no clue what was going on in the show, but there i was, totally clueless as to what was going on for a solid 54 minutes. maybe next time we visit the 'rents, i can try and watch it from the beginning. p.s. his past series windfall may have sucked, but i really want to watch the showtime series jeremiah from 2002 now, anyone seen it?

jason priestley, on side order of life: at least he looks and sounds different from what he looked and sounded like during his days as brandon walsh. and by that, i mean, he got jowls and cocky. i mean brandon walsh was a tool and sometimes full of himself, but he was such a flip-flopper that his anxiety constantly outweighed his obnoxiousness, which did itself just lend to a further amount of obnoxiousness, but it was also his charm. anyway, despite the layered complexities of the character that was brandon walsh, here be jason priestley, on an original lifetime television sitcom. about four friends who hilariously deal with one of them getting cancer. knee-slapping good times. apparently his stints on network tv shows medium and the ultra-deservedly canceled love monkey couldn't get him anywhere else, which at first i thought was a shame. but as he continued to talk as conan's 2nd billed guest (after a zoologist's visit with vultures and turtles), i felt less and less sorry for him. he's kind of a jackass. and then in the middle of a rant, he said, "lindsay blow-han" and stopped, waited for the audience to react, and then didn't finish his rant. cheap shot, priestley, and lindsay is like totally 5 minutes ago. someone wishes he was young again. wait, holy crap, he guest stars on an episode of the aforementioned jeremiah show (which by the way, is AN APOCALYPTIC VISION OF A WORLD DESTROYED BY A VIRUS), reuniting him with dylan mckay himself! gotta nerdflix it!

note: this post was inspired not only by recent encounters with the show's stars, but by re-watching BH90210 on dvd courtesy of brigitte and specifically watching this episode, which i deem to be my favorite of those that i've rewatched so far (watch the other parts of the episode via the links in the "related" box on the youtube page) if i feel like it and interest has been generated, i'll go on to talk about what else the rest of 90210 is up to. brian austin green's hip-hop career did not pan out, in case you were wondering.

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  1. Blogger Wipert | 9:12 PM |  

    I have watched every episode of John From Cincinnati twice and I still am not sure where the show is going. That being said I look forward to watching it every sunday. The opening song and sequence is about as amazing as Dexter's. The shows mysterious tone and aura is extremely appealing, but I worry it wont go anywhere.

  2. Blogger Vega's | 8:47 AM |  

    I wish you would have talk about the age of love....because those women are bitches....

  3. Blogger .molly. | 8:38 PM |  

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you for bringing some 90210 love to the interweb. I'd say something more about the show, but there really are no words to describe it or its greater cultural impact. No words.

    Luke Perry

    P.S. I look old because I'm like 52 or something. Cut a brother some slack.

    P.P.S. Yes, Windfall sucked balls, but I promise Jeremiah will blow your mind.*

    *and by "blow your mind" I mean it might suck too.

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