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pay for quality television? then what would i complain about?

qualler touched on the movies-24/7 aspect of premium cable channels such as hbo, but another reason why these channels (as we continue to discuss them as if we are 10-years-old again and just discovering their genius) are so coveted is their original programming that us poor people watch on dvd two years after all the rich people talk about them at their fancy bars drinking their fancy drinks with beautiful women. now generally i'm okay with my rabbit ears and my 14-year-old zenith, and i've been okay with waiting for nip/tuck, big love, etc. to come to dvd. and even though 24 has gone down the crapper, there's still heroes to look forward to, and there's plenty of shows i'm ambivalent toward that i will watch without putting up too much of a fuss: house, law and order, etc. however, sometimes i just want to cry when i watch reality television and/or find out a basic network show i've been warming up to just got canned. and that makes me want to buy hbo, nay, go to someone's house who has hbo and tivo.

america's got talent: after off-and-on watching of american idol for the first time in my life this past year, it's unbelievable how much more icky AGT makes me feel in comparison to the behemoth that's responsible for the whole trend of i-have-a-dream-now-let's-crush-it competitive reality shows. their mean judge is much meaner, their airhead judge more of an airhead, and their showy arrogant judge is much more showy and arrogant. and don't forget the contestants, which you somehow want to like just because they're competent or endearing and you know they're going to be ripped apart by the mean judge, but then they speak, and you understand why you feel guilty for thinking they're not that bad when they perform. and yet you'd only blog about it, never actually say it to their face. example:

creature comforts: i'm not a wallace and gromit nut. it's cute, and chicken run was cute. but cute does not make me a regular viewer. in fact i wasn't even planning on watching this until i heard that behind the claymation animals were recordings of actual conversations between humans about inane topics. and since i like tarantino dialogue, i thought it might be bearable to sit through an episode as i was blogging two weeks ago. and it was cute as well, at first. then it became genuinely intriguing and funny, and i thought i'd watch it again sometime if i had nothing better to do. nothing outstanding - in fact, i don't really remember anything in particular i laughed at, but good enough for something different on primetime network television. but then BAM! canceled. i guess i will not be able to let this one grow on me. i wish i had hbo, so i could watch...

flight of the conchords: i hadn't even seen so much as a preview of this show before friends and critics alike started telling me it was the best thing on television. and while "comedy folk duo" screams 1999, when a certain blogger showed me some performances by the new zealand duo on ye olde youtube, i certainly laughed a lot more than i did at creature comforts. once again, nothing absolutely outstandingly hilarious, but definitely laugh-inducing. thus, hbo and/or a friend who has hbo and tivo is/are desperately needed. or someone who uses one of those torrent thingies can burn me a dvd. i'd go figure that out on my own, but i admittedly do have things more readily accessible to watch and as the title of this very post suggests, what would i complain about then if i put so much effort into the television i allowed to enter my brainhole?

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  1. Blogger P. Arty | 9:57 AM |  

    Arun's right. Flight of the Conchords is quite good. The pilot wasn't all that great, but that second episode knocked my socks off!

    Also, AGT is the show I've felt most guilty about watching, but now I can't stop! I don't know why. Did you see that guy do the Sting cover? Dag, that guy had some PIPES. I really hope he wins it all.

  2. Blogger P. Arty | 9:25 AM |  

    P.S. Is it just me, or is Sharon Osbourne really hot?

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