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Liveblog: Just My Luck? Just My Luck!

The Quallsack household just got the dish, which includes HBO for three months. I am watching the previously mentioned film Just My Luck, starring Lindsay Lohan. These are my reactions
I get the feeling that Double-L, who is the star, is a lucky person, just by all the lucky things happening to her, like getting a dollar on her boot and winning some radio show and blah blah blah. I GET IT, SHE'S LUCKY. Then there's this other kinda unattractive guy but only because he's wearing a stocking cap and dirty clothes and glasses who is NOT lucky. Does this movie have to do with luck?

Oh crap! (Literally.) Our unlucky guy just stepped on poop o something. That's so unlucky. You know what the other star of this movie is? New York City.

Things are looking up. We have two former O.C. castmembers -- Samarie Armstrong (ANNA!) and the guy who played Luke ("Welcome to the O.C., bitch!) Lindsay Lohan's clown make-up and wooden acting isn't helping, though.

Some guy just made a joke that he makes money while he poops. That's two for two on poop jokes hitting and driving it OUTTA THE PARK. Poopy poopy poopy!

IT'S RAINING ON THE UNLUCKY GUY! Gosh oh gee, could he get any unluckier? Also, the madcap wacky music tells me things are "developing." Also, black people are fly-er than white people -- another good joke, something that's never been done before, and topical. I hate this movie, but I can't stop watching it. I still love Samarie Armstrong.

This isn't worth my time. When does the new HBO porn, er, drama show Tell Me You Love Me start?

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 4:49 PM |  

    nearly two weeks without a fresh post? what is this? amateur blog night?

  2. Blogger P. Arty | 9:12 PM |  

    Judging by the capitalization of the above post, I have to assume that Polley is ripping on his own blog. That just proves those Blogulutor boys will hate on anything.

  3. Blogger DoktorPeace | 4:04 AM |  

    Umm... why haven't I yet read about Greg Grunberg's impressive and alluring transformation into a mother figure?

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 8:14 PM |  

    RIP blogulator. you had a good run.

    good thing i've got that instrumental music to rely on.

    (and the onion's a.v. club... burn!!!)

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