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New TV Shows Make Me Feel Warm Inside

As you know, the new television season has descended upon us. As a new subscriber of the TiVR-DVo revolution, I have had the pleasure/pain of recording said new television series premieres. Turns out, most of these new television shows, that had mad awesome marketing campaigns and/or had ridiculous premises, aren't all that great. But some ARE great. But some aren't. In case you weren't able to get to them, here is my rundown of various series premieres across the networks.

This is the one with the wild The WIre-lite premise of gritty cop drama, except that they replaced the Dickensesque view of the city of Baltimore with the idiotic-cop-action-dramedy post-Katrina New Orleans. I taped this, but when I saw the first sign of the cops running around with guns and action music accompanying it, I immediately deleted the series from my DVR and from my mind.
Expected grade: D-; Actual grade: F-

Back to You
I'm not gonna lie -- I'm a big fan of Frasier. One of the best investments Brigitte and I made with our television recorder was to tape every Frasier rerun on the Lifetime network. Now that we have 45 episodes taped from Lifetime, I think we have enough that we won't ever have to watch this new garbage on Fox. This show is a disgrace to Kelsey Grammar's career. After the first "here's a word that sounds kinda like vagina" joke, I deleted. Granted, it lasted 9 minutes and 55 seconds longer than K-Ville in my mind, but then again, K-Ville lasted 5 seconds.
Expected grade: B; Actual grade: D-

Gossip Girl
The most pleasant surprise of the year! As an avid OC fan/pseudo-fan, this show, co-created by OC auteur Josh Schwartz, sort of fills the void The OC left me after, well, probably midway through season two. Granted, I couldn't tell the difference between any of the female characters except one had brown hair, and there were two guys who Chris aptly pointed out were "nice Josh Hartnett wannabe and douchebag Josh Hartnett/Adam Brody wannabe", but there was enough crappy dialogue and a surprising amount of blog talk to keep me interested enough to keep it taping for when Chris comes over and we need something to watch late at night after hanging out at really cool trendy bars and VIP clubs and stuff, not just, ha, watching TV shows on a weekend night, no, not at all......ha. Best line: "If you kids spent less time blogging and more time practicing your guitars, maybe you'd make something of your band."
Expected grade: D-; Actual grade: B

Here's the other show co-created by Josh Schwartz. The first three minutes interested me, and I kinda enjoyed it all, really. But I also got kind of annoyed with "nerd" star Zachary Levi, you know, the kind of nerd that is a nerd because he has floppy hair and wears his hipster shirt untucked. And holy moly, McG's direction was in full vomit-tastic-Michael Bay mining force. As Chris said, one can only handle so much action-quirky-slickly-directed tripe before one starts feeling a little vomity.
Expected grade: C+; Actual grade: C-


This is pretty much the same show as Chuck, except that instead of the nerdy guy who works at a "Best Buy" style store, he works at a "Home Depot" style store. Also, his parents sold his soul to the devil. I really feel like I should hate this show, but I kinda love it. Actor Ray Wise, who plays the devil, is kind of frighteningly funny/frightening, and this show might have enough of a dark undercurrent to keep the Stephen King-reading/Kevin Smith-movie-watching 14 year old in me interested for a bit longer.
Expected grade: C; Actual grade: B

DIrty Sexy Money
The first time I watched this pilot, I thought it had promise. The second time I watched it, I LOVED it! Star Peter Krause is in fine form here, as a slightly more refined version of his prior incarnation in Six Feet Under. Also, c'mon, his wife's name is LISA?!? Seriously, pick a different name. But seriously, I realized that actor Seth Gabel, who plays the youngest son of the Darling family, is a Nip/Tuck alum. So, mix Six Feet Under (Peter Krause), Nip/Tuck (Seth Gabel), The OC (Samarie Armstrong), and, one degree separated, 24 (Donald Sutherland), along with a Baldwin (William Baldwin), and a decent pilot, and I think we've got ourselves a hit. Now, please please please start getting into some depth, television show that I record.
Expected grade: B+; Actual grade: A-

Perhaps our NEW bloggers will give us some of their thoughts on other shows? Or Chris? Or, anybody?


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  1. Blogger P. Arty | 2:08 PM |  

    I second DSM. I watched it the first time and thought it was decent, but when I re-watched it I thought it was STELLAR.

    What was Ryan Darling in Nip/Tuck? He looks familiar, but I can't place him.

    By the way, Blogulator 2.0 = Blogulator 1.0 - Chris Polley?

  2. Blogger qualler | 2:13 PM |  

    He was Adrian Moore, Ava's son, the life coach played by Famke Janssen, who had a semi-incestuous relationship with his "mom" and frequently tried to push Matt around. Polley's supposed to post either tomorrow or Friday, but who knows if he'll be too busy wacking it to Heroes tonight to make it to the Blogosphere. SLAM!

  3. Blogger P. Arty | 12:30 PM |  

    THAT's the one. I love Jeremy Darling. Great character so far.

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