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Better than corn pops and ice cream mixed together

After a crappy morning at the doctor, a tiring day at work, and hours at the gym all I wanted to do was come home to my weekly comfort food: America's Next Top Model.

The fourth episode of the season, "The Girl Who Went Bald," did not fail to deliver.

This was exactly what I had been waiting for.....THE MAKEOVER EPISODE!!!
The makeover episode used to be the first episode, but I suppose the producers decided there was no sense in wasting so much money making over girls who were just going to be kicked off right away. Smart move. Despite the normal promise of crying and whining and intense drama carried with the makeover episode, this was surprisingly without tears. So drama-free, in fact, that the hair dresser told the girls he wanted to see some tears. Without the tears, the viewers might forget that being a model is hard....

Even without the tears, and even though most girls were thrilled with their makeovers (so not what I, the faithful viewer hopes to see....who cares about satisfied, happy with how they look wanna be models??) watching this weeks episode was still like wrapping myself in a warm blanket and sipping hot coco with so many marshmallows on top. When the autistic girl had to dress as weeds while all the other girls were beautiful flowers, I laughed so hard that I almost forgot how disturbed I actually felt by this decision. In the end, she made a wonderful weed, and once again triumphed over her disability.

My favorite girl, Victoria, was sent home, after posing as a cactus. Nobody likes the cactus...too bad cacti are so efficient at storing water...how do you like that, Tyra? Do you hate efficiency?

Even when sent home for being too "prickly," Victoria's parting words were "I'd rather go home than take away another girl's dream." That doesn't sound like drama!! Pull some hair, for crying out loud...talk about how the other girls are bitches anyway and you'll still come out on top and how they aren't all that and maybe throw in some nasty words about Tyra. This is what America wants!

Bald girls accepting their hair loss with grace and beauty, losers accepting their fate and wishing the others well: has America's Next Top Model, in its ninth season, lost its edge?


Is it still better than corn pops and ice cream mixed together?


In other news, the reruns of Frasier today featured the classic "Frasier tries to do some good deeds but they are misconstrued as crimes" and, one of my personal favorites, the "Frasier tries to set up his dad with Roz's mom and Roz's mom likes Marty but Marty does not like her and instead of just being upfront about the situation there are more misunderstandings and hilarity ensues" episode.

Goodnight, Minneapolis!

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  1. Blogger Sean | 11:26 PM |  

    Hahah, that last paragraph is the synopsis for about 90 percent of frasier episodes.

  2. Blogger DoktorPeace | 12:41 AM |  

    Is that titular food combo actually good? Please enlighten me, as I love both of the ingredients on their own.

  3. Blogger chris | 7:51 AM |  

    wait, who lost their hair? you? tyra? the cactus?

  4. Blogger Brigitte | 10:10 AM |  

    oh shoot, i guess i forgot to mention: the title of the episode was "the girl who went bald" because one of the girls had to have her hair shaved off...this was because "tyra wants to preserve the girls' natural hair and her hair was damaged yada yada..." it was actually because the producers wanted to create some drama. it failed. the girl cried a little bit, then got over it, and ultimately enjoyed her new look.

    she wasn't completely bald, either...they just cut her hair very, very short.

    and yes, corn pops and icecream are wonderful together. you should try it sometime.

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