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Gossip Corner

Dear bloggers,

I know that I've been a blog-hater in that past, but in a desperate attempt to be included in an activity I agreed blog every Monday night. As Chris said, I am NOT going to give you the "female" perspective, however here are a couple of items that may be more appealing to women:

Jerry's Angels

Jerry who? Oh yeah, Jerry Springer. I remember that show. It was edgy in its time - daytime television that threw its need for credibility out the window and simply embraced its lowbrow trashyness. I haven't watched it since middle school, but there may be a new reason to tune in.

Has Jerry Springer become a pioneer in feminism or just figured out a new way to "shock" people? That's right. The Jerry Springer Show has taken a giant leap towards gender equality in the workplace by hiring female bodyguards - Jerry's Angels.

From now on, you'll see Mimi, Mari, and Katie breaking up the fights. I hope it doesn't get too sexy in there!

Another Blushing Bride

Cupid's arrow has struck again. Somehow between magic shows and faking miscarriages, Pamela Anderson found time to fall in love with a fellow DIY porn director Rick Salomon.

Personally, I would be intimidated to marry the woman whose former husband could drive a boat with his junk. UNLESS....maybe Salomon can drive the Titanic with his. Perhaps that's how he was permitted to spend One Night in Paris.

My advice for Pam? You've been with Tommy Lee and Kid Rock! You don't need to take sloppy seconds from a jailbird and an anger management poster child.

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  1. Blogger qualler | 10:14 PM |  

    Oh man I HATE it when it gets too sexy.

  2. Blogger chris | 10:21 AM |  

    Amy you better not leave us for InTouch or Us Weekly!!!

  3. Blogger Sean | 4:42 PM |  

    When did Pam lose her eyes to make-up? Does she have some seeing-eye dude that wears a wife-beater?

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