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The best nap I ever had and the girl who gets a mango.

Brigitte here, wishing everyone a very happy Thursday! This weekend I experienced the best nap I ever had followed by the worst ever post-nap disorientation. I went to see Eraserhead at the Uptown theater along with Chris and Qualler, and fell asleep about an hour into this 1977 David Lynch thriller/comedy/drama/napper's dream.

Besides being a wonderful film, this is also the perfect nap movie. It gives out just the right amount of light, drawing the audience into a black and white dimly lit dream land. The droning white noise that runs throughout most of the film is a perfect lull into sleep. I had never felt so completely relaxed in my life.

The only problem was that a half hour later, when I awoke, my legs were both numb from resting on the chair in front of me and I was painfully aware of how uncomfortable my seat was. I suddenly felt like throwing up and had to spend the last ten minutes of the movie in the lobby with my head between my legs.

All in all, while I enjoyed seeing (and napping to) Eraserhead on the big screen, it's better suited for at home on the couch naps. The entire experience, while highly anticipated, was somewhat lacking because of how things wrapped up.

Now for this week's ANTM update. One lovely think about dvr, besides being able to watch my favorite shows whenever I want, is that I get to see titles of episodes I otherwise might not know. This week's title: The Girl Who Gets a Mango. Really, Tyra? Immediately I was intrigued. Why does she get a mango? Why wouldn't everyone get a mango? Will she eat it? Or, maybe the title doesn't refer to the fruit at all; maybe it refers to the girl who gets former SNL recurring sketch starring Chris Kattan about a male exotic dancer who intoxicates various male hosts with his alluring dance.

I had to find out!

Sadly, the mango (which indeed was this kind of fruit) played a very small role in the episode: the girls had to use props and pretend to be spokes models. One girl did get a mango. It was hardly a big enough part of the episode to be worthy of the title. Oh well.

Most of the episode dealt with the fact that Heather (the autistic girl) is kind of weird. So I guess there's more to autism than the glamorous model's life the viewers had been led to believe. Turns out autistic people sometimes act kind of funny! Also, turns out other models are totally insensitive to people with mild disabilities. I learn something new every week, America's Next Top Model!

The models also learn about recycling this week during their fashion shoot. They got to pretend to be recycled goods during their shoot. Heather starting things off by being aluminum cans. Ironically, they materials used for the shoot might be seen as a waste of recyclable goods...

My predictions for the rest of the season: Heather will continue to be the only girl who consistently does well. To do well in this competition, the girls need to follow simple directions and be mildly adaptable to new situations. So, in a group of models, the girl with Aspberger's syndrome is the most highly functioning and capable of dealing with minor stresses and set-backs of them all.

So once again, autism rules!

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  1. Blogger Nicole | 4:10 AM |  

    Another good place to nap is at First Avenue, in the the booth upstairs, during opening acts.

  2. Blogger chris | 10:15 AM |  

    hahahahaha reindeer games!!!

    starring ben affleck and gary sinise!!!!!!!!!

  3. Blogger Brigitte | 10:48 AM |  

    i know, what a memory...

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