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School's Out For Summer!

If you're like me and sick of what this "real world" has to offer -- 40+ hours inside, monotonous work, stuffy clothes, a lack of any form of excitement outside of "What's for lunch?" -- you probably are wishing for some summer vacation. But you know what? Summer vacation is for LOSERS. Just ask Chris, who will be teaching summer school this year -- not just to the Minneapolis-area children, but to POP CULTURE BLOGULATORS. Now, here are a few lessons that I learned while hangin' in the Twin Cities last night:

Minnesota Twins Baseball in the "Cheap Seats"
You might not think that baseball has anything to do with pop culture. You would be thinking wrong. It has EVERYTHING to do with pop culture. For example, I was explaining to my co-horts (Unspar, Christine, Chris, and other people who are not connected to the real world, i.e. have a blog) that, as a 10 year old, I pitched for the home town "C" level team. We were a little bit like one of those misfit teams you see in the movies -- a team full of scrappy, yet unathletic stereotypes of people, rising above the wealthier, more snobby city team to win the championship, while learning a little about ourselves in the process. The difference was, of course, that we didn't win any games and our manager quit midway through the season because he had a "real job" (i.e. he couldn't take all the losing anymore.) As my friends aptly pointed out, though, my reference comparing our team to The Bad News Bears was not apt, as the Bad News Bears also did not win a championship. My friends then all stared at me and booed loudly. Others in the stands looked at me with jeering eyes.

Walking From the East Side of Downtown Minneapolis to the Warehouse District.
Walking, surprisingly, also has pop culture ramifications. Case in point: the young woman walking behind us, trying to see if anybody remembers the show "Benson". As Chris and I snobbily conversed to ourselves, we realized that she was MIXING UP the show "Becker" with the actor in the title role, TED DANSON. DUH!! And what self-respecting person would admit to watching "Becker"?!

!!!, Live, In Concert, Fo' Realz, Yo (at the Fine Line Music Cafe)
We witnessed a fine show at the Fine Line Music Cafe, where !!! performed. (Sadly we missed friend of The Blogulator Peter "Soviet Panda" Lansky DJ before, but I DID run into him in the bathroom, which is almost as good as a celebrity sighting.) As the show started, !!! eased into their full-throttle dance-punk-mish-mash-whatever-you-want-to-call-it (Chris I need a genre name STAT!) and I eased into the dancing by bobbing my head. As they dug headfirst into "Me and Giulianni..." my confidence in my zero dancing abilities grew. As they got deeper and deeper into the setlist, the band had the entire room gettin' their groove thang's on. Turns out, dancing is fun. And !!! is one of the best live acts I've seen in a long time. Yes, even better than the hilariously snobbily nicknamed Snorah Jones by the Star Tribune. I think we can all agree, though -- we'd much rather see a picture of Canada's finest (see left) than a bunch of sweaty, dancing hipsters.

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  1. Blogger chris | 8:34 PM |  

    yay for qualler blogging! there's also another new post right below this one...keep reading friends!

  2. Blogger P. Arty | 9:17 AM |  

    Hahaha...Snorah! Did I write that article?

    And Avril is about Canada's fourth or fifth finest (depending on if you count Tegan and Sara separately).

  3. Blogger Paal | 7:06 PM |  

    okay, seriously, i've never actually been that attracted to avril until this very moment... hmm, wow

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