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The Name Kasdan Gets You a Movie Deal

I'm pretty much done with excuses -- blogging has been afar from me for the past month. But now that I have a life again (i.e. work has slowed down), I shall grant you with mine presence. Or something like that. I'm not really sure. I mean, see, this really big thing happened to me, like, a few months ago. And, well, I really haven't had anybody to talk to about, and, well, since you're new in town, and helping out the neighbor who doesn't come out of the house very frequently, and you're a-DOR-able, I'm gonna just, you know, let you in on my past. Which involves some almost kisses, a few near-brushes on the hand, and, yeah, maybe even some staying out late at night. Yeah, this is a good place to talk about it -- right in the middle of the football field where, although we won't see any actual football games, is a place where stuff happens. Just, not any stuff that is happening right now.

What's that? Copyright infringement? This is the "plot" of the new film In the Land of Women? Sorry, I must have dragged that out of my unconscious. See, I took a nap through the last 20 minutes of the movie. I don't remember much of it, other than that a lot of people were talking about quasi-"events" in their lives of which we didn't even get to see cheesy flashbacks. In fact, the only thing I remember about this movie was that a raccoon tried to get into a window, and Chris said out loud, "That's a scene?" Then I fell asleep again, only to wake up to another shot of a stuffed raccoon. The lessons I learned from In the Land of Women? a) Films that show people talking about stuff that happened that is boring are GREAT movies to fall asleep to. b) If your last name is Kasdan, you too can make your high school short stories class rough draft into a feature-length film featuring teen-throb Adam Brody and former mega-star Meg Ryan, as well as waif Kristen Stewart. Me, I can't wait to legally change my name to Qualler Kasdan and finally make my 2nd grade magnum opus, "The Day the First No-Hitter Was Born" into a feature-length film, starring Shia LaBeouf.

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  1. Blogger Crazy Chick | 11:48 PM |  

    Shia LaBoeuf is my new fake boyfriend, and I shall not tolerate anything negative said against him. But otherwise, you're right on about Land of Women--and I didn't even see it.

  2. Blogger Patrick | 3:21 PM |  

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Blogger Patrick | 3:22 PM |  

    Shia LeBouef is basically the best actor of our time.

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