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be as hip as possible, even when you're half-unconscious.

while qualler and i (amongst others) were indeed blasting avril lavigne's "girlfriend" out of his jetta in the middle of uptown (that's the totes hip part of mpls for all of you outsiders) with jamba juices in our hands and the bassist from tapes 'n tapes walking by us, our hipster-factor doesn't end there. here are a couple very indie bands with a couple very indie songs that i happen to be in love with at the moment, linked for your downloading pleasure.

"all the way to pa" by machine go boom

wake-up song: after seeing "in the land of women" (mostly brigitte's doing, but she didn't twist my arm, i admit) use mates of state to soundtrack a superfluous "let's watch all of our characters wake up" scene, i started thinking about other songs that would be cool to use as a "wake-up song" in a movie. this new little number is just what the doctor ordered. while not too far from the lo-fi label explicated a couple weeks ago on the blogulator, this has the adorable almost-too-annoying (kind of like their band name) twee spunk that once existed in elephant6 bands like apples in stereo (before they got too obsessed with the 60s) and of montreal (before they got too obsessed with keyboardtronic sea creatures). it's a song that should be arrested for having too much dirty fun. eww gross i just looked up the cover art. stuck in 1993, are we? please ignore it. the song is really a blast!

this is motion by melochrome

falling asleep song: don't run away, it's not instrumental. every layer of keys, jazzy crash cymbal, organ bass, and hesitant vocals is equally soothing, calm, and cool. if you want to feel all of your limbs slowly lose all stiffness one a time, download this record (or buy it for an effing dollar), turn off the lights, get comfy in your jammy-jams, and settle in with a purring kitty or soft plush animal before pressing play. alternate usage: make out music for nerds. while i don't feel comfortable (for obvious reasons) giving out being-sexy-and-attractive tips, i want to emphasize how this record can really keep the rhythm of a smooth make-out session going without ever going too fast (i'm looking at you, 13-year-old version of myself). now that i've effectively grossed out 104% of the blogulator-reading population (including jerksica), i'll just end with a quick...

THANK GOD HEROES IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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