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what a boring weekend. i'm just goofin'!

i don't remember the last time i spent a weekend doing three marvelous things that are quite unlike one another. this "going out" phenomenon isn't really all that bad and nerdflix isn't really the only reason to live for the weekends anymore! who knew a rock show, a night of dancing, and the closing night to a citywide film festival were just what the proverbial "doctor" proverbially "ordered"?! so long depression, HELLO world of goings ons!

FRIDAY: trans am, zombi, and the psychic paramount @ the triple rock

goofy math rock, john carpenter-inspired synthy soundscapes, and swirling/pounding instrumental rock all in one night? did someone put together a show just for me??? while i'm not head over heels in love with any of these artists, this show was surprisingly impressive. with the exception of some obvious and distracting sound problems with zombi, the psychic paramount are probably the least boring instrumental outfit for people who get bored by instrumental music and the most digestible noise band for people who get scared by noise music. and trans am apparently has the most animated drummer since "cobra" from the appleseed cast's former lineup and their continual back-and-forth trade-off of guitars for keyboards kept my ears freshly intrigued by what was to come next. and for some reason, watching their ashton kutcher-lookalike bassist eating what i think was a pita and hummus during one of their songs was equal parts hilarious and inspiring (why don't more bands do this? i'm sure the food tastes better when you're rocking out AND eating at the same time).

---> trans am - "tesco v. sainsbury's"

SATURDAY: too much love feat. the juan maclean @ first avenue

i think i like dancing. i feel dumb talking about dancing but i don't know why. i don't dance often enough to just GO do it and there is something inherently silly-feeling about a bunch listening to music and moving their bodies, trying to look cool while doing it. especially when it's a bunch of hipsters. but my friend and former radio k'er peter has managed to put together a dance night (which is HUGE now) that somehow still felt inviting enough to make me get over myself and start dancing. so i applaud him for this. while a friend of mine DID get propositioned by some guy wearing a "i (heart) hot moms" t-shirt for a threesome, most of the night was fun and dfa's the juan maclean pulsed out some "hot jams," as the kids say.

SUNDAY: the ten @ the closing night of the mpls/stp international film festival

from the almighty stella, david wain's comedy of 10 short stories about the ten commandments closed out the minneapolis/st. paul international film fest last night at block freaking e of all places. nothing says pretentious film geeks like megaplex in the same building as hard rock cafe and hooters. wain was supposed to intro the film but he was a no show. lame. i paid 4 dollars more than a regular movie ticket for nothing. i guess i can live with it. it also was a dvd version of the movie that obviously had a lot of sound editing to go through still before its official u.s. release in august, but i still feel like i didn't waste my money. i was expecting genius and mostly genius is what i got. the best short stories in the film are because of their stars, i.e. liev schreiber coveting his neighbor's catscan collection with hilarious results, winona ryder getting steamy with a ventriloquist doll, and oliver platt as an arnold schwarzenegger impersonator who faux-fathers two black children. it's basically stella with no holds barred, meaning some unfunny poop jokes and crossing the line with the gay sex visuals, but overall, more absurdist genius from the modern masters of it.

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 9:20 PM |  

    Excess information that may ruin the song: Sainsbury's and Tesco are two of the biggest grocery suppliers in the UK. As of 2006, Tesco had a 31.4% market share, with Sainsbury's actually dipping to third place with only 15.7%. Personally, I use Sainsbury's because they seem the lesser of two evils, or, to reference Russell Crowe's hilarious joke in Master and Commander, the lesser of two weevils!

    Also, Sainsbury's has decent raspberry deals.

  2. Blogger nicole | 1:36 PM |  

    I love Sainsbury's...

  3. Anonymous Sean | 9:59 AM |  

    do you guys ever do those "day in the life" posts? i'd like one of those complete with pictures from you guys. that'd be awesome!.

    just saying is all.



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