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heroes is the reason i get up in the morning.

i don't want to give anything away because what happens in this show actually matters to the point of it deepening the strength and integrity of your SOUL, so i just want to give a simple elegant portrait of the characters that have touched me deeply throughout the 06-07 season of what can officially be known as my favorite show on television. ever. period. these are the reasons why you should join me on august 28 to watch season 1 on dvd at my place if you for whatever reason have dismissed or missed heroes this past year.

parkman: hands down the character i connected with the most. this thought-reading self-loathing policeman never becomes the success in life that he has tried so nobly to achieve. his power is often more of a nuisance than a help and yet he never backs down when trying to help complete strangers. he constantly battles with himself about what to sacrifice and what to give into, making him the most human of the characters with abilities and therefore, more realistic. and the best part is that although he may not consciously realize it yet, he was the hero to the one person that had the information about where to find the show's villain, sylar.

ando: the hero that had no power and desperately wanted to be one the most (the foil to the show's villain, who had no powers so he selfishly took others' lives to absorb theirs) but was always humbly respectful of everybody with powers. he had a sad twinkle in his eye throughout, loving his best friend with a kindness and foreverness lacking in many real life friendships but still sweetly jealous. luckily because his love overrode his jealousy, his bond with hiro never broke and he only became more fearless of the future and more confident and encouraging in his friend's ability to save the world, even though he couldn't. through this love and quiet confidence, he himself became a hero.

d.l. and nikki: individually they're not too high on the awesomeness list of the heroes. but together, they often were inspiring. how could a family so broken be so strong? a father running from the law and walking through walls and a mother with a angry-as-hell/sweet-as-hell split personality that's not really a power but finally comes together beautifully in the finale. d.l. is the disgusting deadbeat dad who makes a transformation where while he never truly treats his family with continued respect, he ends up proving the undeniable love he had for them and admits and denounces his own failings as a husband and father. the abuse nikki has taken becomes her (super-)strength as her conflicted feminist parable unfolds through falling and rising and proves the strength she can have on her own and not just as a mother, wife, or subordinate.

looks like i won't be waking up until the last tuesday of august. i'm okay with that.

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  1. Blogger DoktorPeace | 11:47 PM |  

    I currently plan to attend your episode partay, but not because I haven't seen them all; rather because I haven't seen YOU all. (Gay?)

    So you connected to Parkman because he's a heartfelt, great guy, just like you? Or you connected to him because he has an annoying pregnant wife? Zing to Jess after you get married, she becomes annoying, and she gets pregnant!

  2. Anonymous molly | 7:21 PM |  

    was it just me or was there a lot of 'man-love' in that episode? Between Nathan and Peter and as always between Ando and Hiro. we don't really ever get a lot of respectful, real, positive, man-love in television/movies - so I definately was down with that.
    One of my only complaints was that there were some iffy lines of dialogue - the 'all you need is love' monologue? As usual my ma provided some sarcastic commentary with, "what is this a beatles song?" But overall, I completely agree with you that Heroes is my favorite show [currently] on TV.

  3. Blogger DoktorPeace | 9:38 PM |  

    A follow-up: I thought Heroes was my favorite show of its genre until about a month ago, when I started watching Battlestar Galactica. It's like Heroes in space, minus the powers, plus cool camera shots and dialogue that people might actually say (see "Call me Noah.") Frack Sylar!

  4. Blogger P. Arty | 10:01 AM |  

    Polley, I am embarassed for you. You forgot Peter Petrelli. You need to get over your Jess issues and realize that the man who is 90% responsible for saving the "world" (i.e. half of Manhattan) is my man Dub-P.

    Seriously. GET. OVER. IT.

  5. Blogger P. Arty | 10:12 AM |  

    But really, good call on Ando and Parkman. Two wonderful characters. D.L. and Jessie/Nikki? For real? I could not care less about them, still.

    I also will say that I thought the finale was a huge disappointment. It had it's shining moments, but come on. "Five Years Gone" blew that episode out of the water. Finales should be all about the rizrock. (??)

    Still one of the best shows I've seen. Top 5 for sure. It's no Dexter, though.

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