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Cancel the 2007 Bloggies, We Have a Winner!

So while researching The Science of Sleep (which wasn't half bad! Not nearly as puketastic as the Death Cab for Cutie "Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart" marketing campaign) I came across Michel Gondry's new film. You can go ahead and cancel the top movie awards for 2007, because if this premise/cast/direction/writing does not produce the best movie of the year, Michel Gondry will have completely screwed himself AND Mia Farrow. And nobody wants to screw with Mia Farrow. (Coming soon to a Qualler household near you -- Mia Farrow the Dog, to befriend Woody Allen the Computer.)

BE KIND REWIND is the story of a man who works in a junkyard (Jack Black) who inadvertently gets his brain magnetized. While visiting a friend's (Danny Glover) video store, he accidentally destroys all of the video tapes in the store. Worried that their neighbor (Mia Farrow) who is developing symptoms of dementia will be disappointed, the group of friends instead decide to re-film scenes from some of her favorite movies, including Back to the Future, The Lion King, Driving Miss Daisy, and RoboCop. Written and directed by Michel Gondry.

Nothing else needs to be said. Unless Charlie (Charlie Kaufmann, DUH!) can manage to get Synechdoche, New York out this year, Michel's award is his to lose.

  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 1:08 AM |  

    this is your entry for the week? what a disappointment. my interest was yours to lose and it is long-gone.
    this will take mine-carts of effort to bring back. seriously. what happened guys? bad week? cold weather got you down? this is shameful.
    let's dust off and get this back in shape. capiche? good.

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