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Kids Today: Still feeling bad for Rufus! And, some pop fashion.

Hello out there! This week's episode of Gossip Girl left me, once again, feeling sorry for Rufus...right up until the end, when my alliance switch and I felt desperately sorry for Jenny! Poor Jenny! Can none of you see that she is crying out for help? No one who is happy wears eyeshadow like that. No one.

Srsly, though...I was so relieved when Nate, Blair, Chuck, Jenny, and Dan joined forces to take down Serena's dad and help Rufus win Lily back. I even enjoyed the little meta moment when Blair's new beau asked if they did things like this all the time, and they answered yes, but Dan usually isn't involved. I had myself a good little chuckle, and I felt like GG was finally getting back to its tongue-in-cheek moments that made it great(ish).

I was thrilled when everything went back to normal, except that once things did, everyone was back to hating on Jenny, who was actually making a lot of sense. She was right when she said that the trouble wasn't really Serena's dad--the trouble was that Lily was so easily fooled and convinced that Rufus had cheated! In shows such as GG, those that tend toward the melodramatic, love is often very easily torn apart by a little scheeming (see Othello, or "O," for more on this subject) and emotions run wild and jealousy is always brimming just underneath the surface, waiting for the faintest scratch to set it free. This sort of thing happens so often that we start to think this kind of crazy jealousy and lack of trust is a normal part of love. Jenny Humphry (unlikely voice of reason!) reminded us that it isn't! She reminded us that the real problem isn't with the outside forces scheeming against them, but with Rufus and Lily's relationship and lack of faith in each other. But did anyone listen to her?!?! No!!! Poor Jenny!

Some other things happened in this episode, too, such as:

Dan and Serena? :(

Nate and Jenny? :)

I don't want Dan and Serena back together, please. Although, maybe they deserve each other. Serena is on my list right now, and my list is not a place you want to be. Hey-oh! I do want to see Nate and Jenny together, though. Despite all her troubles, I'm very pro Jenny. I want Jenny to get through this angst-y phase so badly and I'm completely on her side regarding the whole Rufus/Lily thing, and I think that Nate is better suited for Jenny than he is for Serena. Nate and Serena were never right for each other. But I think that Nate could really bring out the best in Jenny, and Jenny could make Nate feel needed. A good match all around--I hope it happens (and yes, I'm aware these are just characters on a show and not real people...shut up and let me have my stories!).

As frustrated as I am with some of the characters right now, I am no longer completely bored by the plots, and I feel like GG is really turning the season around. I'm left actually wanting to know what will happen next, which is refreshing.
In other news, the two hour season finale of America's Next Top Model happened this week! They went from four girls to one girl in two hours, and I was curious to see how this would work. Going into last night's episode, I really didn't know who would win. Each of the four remaining girls had something to prove, something to overcome, and I couldn't tell (for once) which girl the episode was honing in on.

The first challenge had the girls doing a runway challenge on an airplane, mid-flight. This is a useful challenge, because it's something that real models often have to do to further their careers in fashion. They had to use the aisle of the plane as a runway, and the Jays were looking for them to show their personality. I just kept thinking about how airsick I would be. I guess that would end my modeling career.

In the first photo shoot, the girls had to be "ugly pretty." Of course. Because no one wants "pretty pretty." That's not fashion. In the first elimination, two girls went home. Yikes! The models pointed out a lot that that's 50%! Two is half of four. So, if two girls are going home, half the girls are going home. Yikes, yikes, yikes!

Mr. Jay got to weigh in at the judging for once, and I was really happy about that. He's there with the girls on the photo shoots, and he really had a lot to say. He should really be running the show. The two finalists ended up being Krista (duh) and Raina (shock!). I could not believe that she made it this far.

Even more important than the season finale of ANTM, Tyra Banks is writing a series of fantasy novels about modeling! Hooray! The first one comes out in 2011...which seems like an eternity to wait. Look out, Lauren Conrad! There's a new writer in town!

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  1. Blogger Brigitte | 1:56 PM |  

    UPDATE: Krista won in the second hour of ANTM. I fell asleep but woke up in time for the final judging.

  2. Blogger Lady Amy | 1:59 PM |  

    Duh, Krista won. She was like Tyra's favorite for weeks now. She won every challenge and could do no wrong even though the plus-sized girl totally did just as well.

  3. Blogger qualler | 2:03 PM |  

    I'm glad our hometown gal Raina got to the final two, though. She's from the faraway land of Minnetonka, MN! And she was like literally 2 blocks away from each of us last night at a watching party at the Drink. I sang the Minnesota Rouser when she got into the final two, while Brigitte looked at me sternly because I was talking through her program.

  4. Blogger ღ уiiηg. | 6:39 AM |  

    I actually shed a few tears for jenny's plight.
    And at that moment I saw hope for Gossip Girl to get back on track and keep steaming along.
    it seems that Jenny's the only character i like at the moment.
    chuck and blair need to speed it up so im not so bored of them:)

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